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    We understand you may have found us today because a friend or loved one was arrested in Rosamond. Our bail bonds company offers comprehensive information and give our clients the utmost patience and discretion.

    When you call us, you'll speak with a knowledgeable bondsman who will carefully listen to your situation, and work on having the defendant released from any the Bakersfield jail, which is where defendants arrested in Rosamond are taken.

    There simply paperwork required for the bond which is easily handled through the use of e-sign, email or fax. Alternatively, a bondsman can meet with you in person at your home or directly at the jail. The choice is yours.

    We offer immediate bail assistance in Rosamond 24/7 at toll-free 888-224-5266.


    When you contact our bail company, we will ask several questions in order to see how we can best help you. It's not unusual for us to ask about length of time the defendant has lived in California, their employment status, their credit rating, type of crime, etc.

    If you’re thinking about posting a bond for a friend or family member, it's important you’re aware of your responsibilities. As by signing a bail agreement, you are obligating yourself to make certain the defendant appears in court as promised.


    In general, a bail bond requires payment of 10% in advance of the defendant's release from jail. This fee is mandated by California law.  If you require financing for the bond, we offer flexible bail financing options without any additional charges, fees or taxes. When qualified, we can work out payments to meet your needs.

    Paying for the bail bond is made easy with Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover.

    You may also pay by cash. We offer payment plans for those who qualify. Let us know what option works best in your situation.


    When you call, you'll be connected with a 24-hour licensed bondsman who can discuss your specific situation professionally and discreetly. We'll take the time needed to evaluate your needs and work closely with you to have your friend, family member or loved one released from jail and back home as soon as possible.

    We're available for a no-cost consultation anytime at  toll free at (888) BAIL BOND or (888) 224-5266.


    Rosamond Substation
    1379 Sierra Highway
    Rosamond, CA 93560
    Phone: (661) 256-9700
    Fax: (661) 256-2058

    The Rosamond Substation currently serves approximately 500 square miles. The original Rosamond Substation was operated out of a back room at the Fire Department on Desert Street.

    When someone has been taken into custody in Rosamond, they will likely be transported to the main Bakersfield Jail for booking and processing. Our agents can post a bond at this facility 24 hours a day.