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    The Mission of the Oakland Police Department is to provide the people of Oakland an environment where they can live, work, play, and thrive free from crime and the fear of crime.

    Community Policing describes the partnership between the Police Department and the residents of Oakland. They work together to prevent crime and solve neighborhood problems. Community policing is at the heart of the City’s official approach to public safety.

    The Oakland Police Department serves the entire Oakland community and seperates its divisions and patrol areas into three sections respectively.

    Area 1 includes West and North Oakland and is bordered by the Berkeley Hills on the north, Lake Merritt on the east, the Oakland Estuary on the south and the Bay on the west.

    Area 2 is located in Central Oakland and is bordered by the city of Piedmont on the north, the Oakland Estuary on the south, Lake Merritt on the west and Redwood Regional Park to the East.

    Area 3 covers High Street to the San Leandro border, from the Estuary to the Oakland Hills.

    The Communications Section answers all 911 calls, all seven-digit emergency calls and all seven-digit non-emergency calls. The Section receives all emergency calls for police, fire, and medical service in the City of Oakland. It dispatches all police resources to police calls and forwards other emergency calls to the appropriate agency.

    The Records Section processes and maintains the Department’s records concerning reported incidents, including crimes, arrests, towed vehicles, restraining orders, warrants, and teletypes. It provides access to information as allowed by statute to the law enforcement community and the general public.

    Animal Services responds to animal-related calls for service in Oakland and enforces animal-related laws. The Animal Shelter houses stray, surrendered, neglected and abused Oakland animals for the period mandated by the City of Oakland.

    The Oakland Police Department station does not have its own jail. Defendants will only be held at the station only temporarily.

    They will eventually be transferred to a different jail facility such as the Santa Rita Detention Center or Glenn Dyer Detention Facility which is Alameda county's 2nd largest facility.  A transfer can result in additional processing.

    The defendant’s booking process in either one of these jails can take anywhere from 2 to 12 hours depending on the size of each facility and workload of the staff.

    Booking typically consists of fingerprinting, photographs, background checks and entering the inmate into the computer system.  After processing, the detainee may be bailed out of jail. We always recommend bailing someone out while they are still being held in a smaller jail facility for a much faster release.

    Once the defendant is clear, bail can be posted at these facilities 24 hours per day.


    Oakland Police Department
    455 7th Street
    Oakland, CA 94607
    Phone: (510) 777-3333
    Emergency Phone: 510-777-3211