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    When you get that call from a friend or loved one that they have been arrested , the first order of business usually is how to get them out of jail.

    Anyone arrested in Mendocino County will likely be taken to the Mendocino County Corrections Facility, also known as the County Jail.

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    The booking process takes place at the county jail and may take several hours depending on the jail’s workload. A Daily Booking Report is posted on the Sheriff’s Office website.

    Release after booking depends on several factors. If the person in custody is eligible for release on their own recognizance was under the influence of drugs or alcohol when arrested, they will be kept in custody until no longer under the influence.

    The arrested person will be moved to a housing unit after booking. This may lengthen the time it takes to get released on bail.

    Inmates who have been released by the courts can be released as soon as the necessary paperwork is completed. There may be delays in getting the paperwork from the courts so there might be delays in completing the release. Normally inmates will be released two to four hours after their return from court.

    Inmates who have completed serving their sentence are normally released between 5:00 AM and 7:00AM on their release date.


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    The Mendocino County Jail has a capacity of over 300 inmates and houses both male and female inmates.  The facility is operated by the Mendocino County Sheriff's Department and is divided into various classification areas, including: male, female, sentenced, non-sentenced, violent, protected custody and gang affiliation. The color of the overalls denotes the inmate’s classification.