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    Those arrested in the county will be taken to the Medera County Jail. When someone is arrested, local laws, rules and regulations will govern how and when they can be released.

    It can be difficult to understand and manage the legal process without assistance. 888 Bail Bond is available to assist with getting out of jail in Madera County. We are a family owned and operated business and we have been serving all of California for close to 50 years.

    When you call 888 Bail Bond, a professional, licensed bail bondsman is available for a free consultation any time, day or night, 365 days a year.

    We understand how difficult it may be to find the resources to pay bail. We accept payment by American Express, Discover, Visa and Master Card. We will work with our clients to develop a flexible payment plan that will meet individual needs. In most cases, we offer no collateral bail bonds.

    Call 888 Bail Bond at 888-224-5266 for a free consultation about your Madera County bail bond needs.


    Madera County was founded in 1893 and the new county immediately formed a Sheriff’s Department to handle law enforcement. Today, the work of the Sheriff’s Department is divided among three divisions.

    The Valley and Mountain Divisions perform patrol duties throughout the county in their assigned geographic areas. The Administrative Division is responsible for records, dispatch, court security and civil process.

    Madera County is located in the geographical center of California. Yosemite National Park and other mountains, lakes and forests invite visitors to enjoy the exceptional outdoor recreation opportunities offered by this beautiful region of California. Patrolling remote areas and outdoor recreational lands provides a special challenge to the Madera County Sheriff’s Department.

    The Sheriff’s Off-Highway Vehicle Unit brings added capabilities to handling the challenges of law enforcement dealing with illegal off-highway driving. The OHV UNIT can respond to all manner of illegal activities in remote areas.

    Madera County is in the center of California’s agricultural heartland. The Madera County Sheriff’s Department has established an Agricultural Crimes Unit to respond to the challenges of increasing rural agricultural criminal activity. This unit is staffed with two full time Sheriff’s Detectives.

    They are changed with investigating vandalism, machine, metal, fuel and chemical thefts and other emerging agriculture related crimes. The Sheriff’s Department works with the Local Farm Bureaus and the farming and ranching communities to mitigate against agricultural crimes.

    Madera County Sheriff – Madera Substation
    37221 Avenue 12
    Madera, CA 93636
    (559) 645-6026

    Madera County Sheriff – Bass Lake Substation
    40601 Road 274
    Bass Lake, Ca 93604
    (559) 642-3201

    Madera County Sheriff – Oakhurst Substation
    39884 Road 425B
    Oakhurst, CA 93644
    (559) 658-2555

    Madera County Sheriff – Ranchos Substation
    Phone: (559) 645-6026

    Madera County Sheriff’s Office/ Main Office
    14143 Rd 28
    (559) 675-7770