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    It's a distressing situation when someone you care about gets arrested in San Mateo. The worst part is not knowing what to do and feeling powerless to help them. Getting in touch with a California bail bondsman can help give you the answers you're looking for.

    888 Bail Bond knows how to get your loved one released from jail as quickly and safely as possible.

    When you call our office, a licensed bondsman will be ready to assist you 24-hours a day. We'll take the time to explain the entire process to you and answer any questions you may have.

    We'll go over your responsibilities and get an approval done quickly right over the phone.

    Our simple paperwork can be done by phone, fax, email or in person- whatever is most convenient for you. An agent will even arrange to meet with you at your home or office, or at the Maple Street Jail. You'll be pleasantly surprised by how simple it can be to get your loved out of jail and back home where they belong.

    For complete Maple Street bail bonds information, call us locally at 888-224-5266 or  toll free at 1-888-224-5266 , a licensed bondsman is available 24/7.


    Women who are arrested in San Mateo County will likely be taken to the Maple Street Jail. The Maple Street Correctional Facility houses both pre-trial and sentenced inmates. This facility is rated to house up to 130 inmates. The jail staff works hard to provide a safe and secure environment and offers rehabilitative services.

    Men's and Women's Transitional Facilities
    1580 Maple Street
    Redwood City, CA 94063
    Phone: 650-363-4933

    Due to extreme overcrowding in San Mateo Jails, a situation that is widespread in all California jails, the Transitional Facility can house up to 46 inmates to help ease the crowded conditions in both the Maguire Correctional Facility and the Maple Street Women's Jail. The average daily population usually sits at the maximum.

    Alternative Sentencing Bureau
    1580 Maple Street
    Redwood City, CA 94063

    Sheriff's Work Program
    Phone: 650-363-4358

    Established in 1983, the Sheriff's Work Program is an alternative solution to the expense of incarceration and full-time confinement of offenders who are considered low-risk. Defendants who qualify may serve their sentence by taking part in a work program and performing public projects. This allows offenders to be productive members of society while avoiding incarceration inside of a jail. There is a fee required to participate in this program. This is also helpful in reducing costs for the county.

    Electronic Monitoring Program
    Phone: 650-363-4312

    The Electronic Monitoring Program started in 1995 as an acceptable alternative to incarceration. By using advanced electronic equipment and personal surveillance, this program offers low-risk offenders with stable housing environments an alternative to spending their sentenced time in jail. Participants are carefully screened and must be employed, attend school or attend treatment programs. A fee must be paid to participate in this program and is based on their income. In San Mateo County, participants must be specifically recommended by the courts to take part in Electronic Monitoring.


    Finding the right bail bondsman is important in getting your loved one released from jail. You want to work with people who have built a solid reputation in the industry.

    We have earned the trust and respect of our clients over the years, so call us right away at 888-224-5266 and find out how easy and hassle-free it can be to get your loved one out of the Maple Street Jail. We will get you through the bail bond process.

    When you call 888 Bail Bond at 888-224-5266 (888-BAIL-BOND), a trusted bondsman is available to answer your questions about Maple Street bail bonds.

    Maple Street Jail/ Women's Correctional Center
    1590 Maple Street
    Redwood City, CA 94063
    Phone: 650-363-4310
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