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    The Glenn E. Dyer Detention Facility is 234,000 square feet and 20 levels high. There are six housing floors with two levels per each floor. The total inmate capacity of the facility is 834 persons.

    There are 576 cells that are minimally 80 square feet, in total on the six housing floors. The hospital has two cells. All cells are equipped with smoke detector in the evacuator system. The Glenn Dyer Detention Facility has two recreation areas.  The men’s booking area has the capacity to seat 155 persons while the women’s has 50.


    Inmate information can be accessed from the jail 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 925-551-6500. Callers will be able to find out custody status, charges, bail amounts, release dates, court dates, and other inmate information.  The inmate’s name, correct date of birth or PFN (Person File Number) must be given to receive the information.

    • Glenn E. Dyer Detention Facility can receive bail postings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the lobby.
    • It is highly recommended that you wait until after you receive a telephone call from the inmate saying that they have been released before coming to pick them up from the jail. Inmate release can take several hours but inmates will be released as quickly as procedures allow
    • An inmate may be granted release during a court session. All inmates who are given release still have to return to the jail to fill out paper work. Personal property will be returned and the inmate will be released from Glenn E Dyer Detention Facility.
    • If an inmate who is being released does not have the appropriate clothing available to them, will be provided clothing for their welfare.
    • If an inmate does not have any money left on their books at the time of their release, they will be given a free buss pass or a free BART ticket. Inmates will also be provided with directions to the bus and BART stations as well schedules and routes.

    For information on bail amounts, charges, and other inmate related information click here. To find an inmate type in either the person’s first and last name or Person File Number (PFN) and the system will search through its electronic database to bring up the information.  888 Bail Bond is here to answer your questions and to help you understand the charges and the bail process.


    Mail Guidelines:
    Send all inmate correspondence to:
    The Glenn E. Dyer Detention Facility
    Inmate’s Name
    Inmate’s PFN
    550-6th St.
    Oakland, CA 94607

    • Daily mail distribution will take place Monday through Friday, with the exception of weekends and holidays
    • Mail will only be delivered to the inmate that it is addressed to.
    • All incoming mail MUST include the inmate's PFN and full name in order to be delivered.
    • Both the name and address of the person sending the mail MUST be legibly printed on the outside of the envelope. Mail with address labels will be returned.
    • US Postal authorities will return all mail containing sexually explicit drawings on the outside of envelopes to the sender.
    • Inmates are only allowed to receive through the mail are soft covered books. Hard covered books are not allowed.  All books must be sent directly from the publisher, no more than 4 may be sent.  As a free service, Inmates have access to a large library with a wide selection of books, legal materials and religious periodicals.
    • Any mail sent to an inmate that is larger than 8½" x 14 will be returned to sender.
    • Except for legal mail, Jail staff may open and inspect any personal mail sent to, or from, any inmate outside of the presence of the inmate involved. If an inmate does not agree with these procedures they can let the mailroom know and all mail will be returned to the sender with the notation, “REFUSED.”
    • Any incoming mail from governmental officials or attorneys will be opened by the jail staff in the presence of the inmate.
    • Money may be sent by MONEY ORDER ONLY. Checks and cash will be returned to sender.
    • No polaroid photos will be accepted. All will be returned to sender.

    Glenn E. Dyer Detention Facility
    550 6th St.
    Oakland, CA 94607
    Detention Facility: (510) 268-7777
    Inmate Information: (925)-551-6500
    Bail Information: (510) 864-2245

    To speak to a bondsman now, call us locally at (510) 864-2245 or toll free at (888) 224-5266 about your Glenn Dyer Bail Bonds.