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    Family-owned and licensed, Greg and his bondsmen understand your situation as perhaps few others can.We know that you are looking for answers and that you might need help navigating both the jail and bail bond process in Alameda County.

    Our team of expert bondsmen can answer all of your tough questions while treating you with dignity and respect.

    888 Bail Bond wants you to know that you are not alone. We are waiting for your call. One of our experienced bondsman is usually able to post bail within 2 hours of the detainees booking.

    To speak to a bondsman now about an Alameda County bail bond,  please call us at (888) 224-5266 or locally at 510-864-2245.

    The Alameda Sheriff’s Department has been serving the community since 1853. The department is dedicated to protecting life and property. Each day members of the Alameda Sheriff’s Department make it their mission to enforce the law in a fair manner while maintaining their commitment to professionalism. The department serves the community in a trustworthy manner while carrying out their duties with pride and honor.

    The Alameda Sheriff’s Department provides investigative and patrol units to Peralta Community College District, the City of Dublin, Oakland International Airport, Social Services, Highland County Hospital, Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum complex, and to the Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District.


    The Sheriff of Alameda County is responsible to carry out a wide spectrum of responsibilities, including:

    • Delivering security to the Consolidated Superior Courts
    • Running the Coroner's Bureau
    • Managing a full service criminalistics laboratory
    • Carrying out the Civil Process
    • Running the Santa Rita County Jail and the Glenn Dyer Jail
    • Managing the County Office of Emergency Services
    • Offering investigative and patrol assistance to the separate areas of Alameda County
    • Managing a basic academy procedures for Police Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) requirements.
    • Affording Fish and Game enforcement
    • Project Director of the Narcotics Task Force
    • Assisting as the Executive Director of the Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement (SAFE) Task Force
    • Running a Marine Patrol Unit in the San Francisco Bay waters.


    Q:  When Someone is Arrested, What Happens?

    A:  When a person is arrested for breaking the law, they will be taken to their local law enforcement agency to be booked. After the booking process is complete, the detainee will either be held until their court date or they will be entitled to bail.

    Q:  How Much Does Bail Cost?

    A:  In most states, the standard procedure for setting the price of a bail bond, including California, is 10% of the bail amount. To demonstrate, if bail is set at $20,000, the cost of the bail bond is $2,000. Each state has sets its own rate which is non-negotiable. Bail bonds have no hidden fees.

    Q:  How Do I Pay for a Bail Bond?

    A:  888 Bail Bond knows that the costs associated with purchasing a bail bond is not something that has been planned within your budget. Because of this, we offer financing and payment options and accept all major credit cards, as well as  cash.

    Q:  What if the Detainee is Not Bailed Out?

    A:  It happens sometimes that the person who has committed a crime is not bailed out. People have a variety of reasons for not posting bail. If the defendant is not released that person will stay in custody and be placed in jail until their case has been resolved. We recommend bailing out arrestee’s as quickly as possible to give them ample time to receive qualified legal help so that they can have the best chance of not having to serve jail time.

    Alameda County Sheriff’s Office
    1401 Lakeside Drive, 12th Floor
    Oakland, CA 94612
    Phone: 510-272-6878
    Anonymous Crime Tip Line: 510-667-3622
    Alameda Bail Bonds: (888) 224-5266

    A bondsman is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for Alameda Bail Bond assistance. Please call our bail company locally in Alameda at 510-864-2245.