What Happens To Property Collateral with Bail Bonds in California

California bail bondsman explains what happens when property (California Real Estate, like a home) is put up as collateral for a bail bond anywhere in California.

Property is returned once the bond is paid in full in most cases.

Sometimes people ask if we keep collateral if the defendant doesn’t show up for court.

When a defendant fails to appear in court and could not be brought back, the cosigner of the bail bond would be required to pay the entire amount of the bail. As soon as the bail is paid in full, we release the collateral lien.

If the cosigner does not have the money to pay the entire amount of the bail, we maintain a lien until the bond is paid in full.

Although we have the legal right to foreclose on a property, at 888 Bail Bonds, we’re happy to say that we have never had to take that step.