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    Thousand Palms has a total area of 4.0 square miles and all of it is land.  It is a lovely, rural place of deserts, mountains, and amazing sunsets over Juniper and Yucca trees.  It is also home to some fine resort hotels, casinos and golf courses.

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    Thousand Palms law enforcement is handled by the Palm Desert Police Department, who in turn operate under a contract by the Riverside County Sheriff's Department.  This department has 78 sworn deputy sheriffs and 36 of them man the patrol division.

    The other officers handle special assignments like the Traffic Division, Special Enforcement Teams, School Resource Officer and Narcotics Enforcement. The deputy Sheriff's positions are further supported by sworn administrational personnel. The PD Police/Sheriff contract also contains several non-sworn positions for station operations and support field services.

    The PD Patrol Division responds to all calls for police service either through their 911 system or through non-emergency phones. They employ the concept of Community Oriented Policing to deal with both Palm Desert and Thousand Palms residents. Officers are given regular beat assignments and they also operate two off-site Police Sub-Stations, one of which is located in Thousand Palms.

    The PDPD is very proud of its Motorcycle Team, which is staffed by motor officers that come from a wide range of law enforcement and military backgrounds.  They also have a T-400 Target Team that supports the Patrol Division. This team consists of one sergeant, three deputies, a gang suppression officer and a community oriented policing officer. It is the Target Team that conducts the follow-up investigations of burglaries, thefts, and various other crimes to keep patrol officers in the field and available for further calls.

    The Palm Desert Station Investigations Bureau also handles Thousand Palms.  Their areas of expertise are robbery, assaults, sex crimes and child abuse, and property crimes, as well as missing persons, runaways and domestic violence investigations.

    Both The Riverside County Sheriff's Department and the Palm Desert Police Department also support the Law Enforcement Explorer Program, which gives youth the chance to learn more about career opportunities offered in the law enforcement profession.


    Thousand Palms Police (Use Palm Desert Station)
    Riverside County Sheriff’s Dept TP Area
    Thousand Palms, CA 92276
    (760) 343-1261