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    With so many residents and visitors in Rancho Mirage, the police department stays busy. If you know someone who has been arrested in Rancho Mirage by the Riverside Sheriff Department, 888 Bail Bond is here to help.

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    The city's law enforcement is provided by contractual agreement with the Riverside County Sheriff's Department and operates out of the Palm Desert Sheriff Station.

    Although many people call Rancho Mirage officers 'police' they are actually 'deputies'.  The agreement with the Sheriff's Department has been a cost effective way for them to serve this community.  Over 16 deputies cover the city, using the strategy of community oriented policing.

    COP is both a philosophy and an organizational method that allows deputies and residents to work together in new ways to combat crime.

    The Rancho Mirage Police Department doesn’t have an on-site jail so, depending on the severity of a crime, the person will either be taken to the Indio Jail or released on a promise to appear.

    The RM Police Department has many divisions but the Patrol Section is the heart of it. They are the first to respond in emergency situations and they are trained in basic life saving measures.

    The Patrol Section works in two shifts and each is supervised by a sergeant. Their activities are also supported by clerical, special enforcement teams, crime prevention and investigative personnel at the station level; and various units that range from Aviation and K-9 Teams, to Forensic and Special Investigation Bureaus, like Homicide, Narcotics, Bomb Squad and SWAT. They also receive volunteer help from the Rancho Mirage Citizens on Patrol.

    Another effective unit is the Traffic Enforcement Team.  They make sure that all the streets are as safe as possible by enforcing the California Vehicle Code regulations. The Team is dedicated to reducing injuries and fatalities caused by vehicle collisions. Its members participate in a variety of federal, state and local programs and they  ride Honda ST1300 motorcycles to perform their duties.

    In 1987, the RMPD instituted a Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit to ferret out overweight and oversized vehicles, equipment malfunctions, poorly maintained vehicles and their use on restricted roadways. The Commercial Unit employs a 2004 Ford F350 diesel crew cab truck that carries huge commercial scales to weigh suspected overweight vehicles. It also contains surveying equipment, cameras, radars, laser, and traffic control equipment to investigate major or fatal traffic collisions.

    The Special Enforcement Team (S.E.T.) provides enhanced patrol services that are targeted to combat identified problems.  They also handle the bicycle patrol within the city.

    The Palm Desert Station Investigations Bureau serves the City of Rancho Mirage with  15 dedicated Investigators who investigate  robbery, assaults, sex crimes, child abuse, and property crimes, as well as missing persons, runaways and domestic violence investigations.

    The Riverside County Sheriff's Department provides Rancho Mirage with Community Service Officers (CSO's), too.  These CSOs assist deputies and other department personnel in completing their assignments so they can initiate, follow-up or complete more serious investigations and reports.

    CSO's pitch in at crime scenes and traffic collisions by directing traffic, setting up flare patterns and coordinating vehicle towing.  Also, if the deputies make an arrest, a CSO can transport the suspect to jail.  However, they are not sworn deputies and so do not carry firearms or other defensive weapons other than pepper spray.


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