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    If you know someone who has been arrested by the La Quinta Police Department or the Riverside County Sheriff's Department, you're probably in need of bail bond information.

    We can help you to understand the bail bonds process and quickly move forward to get the defendant out of jail.

    It’s important to know that if the defendant is not bailed out, he or she will generally remain in custody until the matter has been resolved in court.

    [/one_half]At 888 Bail Bond, we’ve been posting bonds for individuals and families for forty years.  Our licensed bondsmen will walk you through the bail bond process over the phone -- detailing every step of the jail, bail and release procedure.

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    La Quinta is a resort city with about 23,694 residents that is best known as the nation's top golf spot. One of the earliest golf clubs was the La Quinta Resort and Club, built in 1926, and the place where director Frank Capra wrote Lost Horizon.  The words "la quinta" are Spanish for "the fifth hacienda." This wonderful, fun place grew rapidly in the 1970s, which led to its becoming a city in 1982.

    The City of La Quinta has elected to create its own Police Department, with the assistance from the Riverside County Sheriff's Department.

    The three La Quinta Police Stations do not have on-site jails, so bail cannot be posted there.  Instead, arrestees are transported to the Indio Jail on Oasis Street where it  can take from one to four hours for them to be booked and processed into the system.

    The City of La Quinta has contracted with the Riverside County Sheriff's Office to provide the La Quinta Police Department with five Community Service Officers (C.S.O.'s), too. They perform law enforcement support duties involving a variety of civil and criminal issues that do not require a sworn law enforcement officer. Investigating a traffic collision for non-injury collisions, providing traffic and crowd control and issuing citations are some of their duties.   They can also transport an arrestee, who was taken into custody by a deputy, to jail.

    The mayor, council members and city manager decide what type of law enforcement services best meets their city’s needs and then the Riverside County Sheriff's Department provides the personnel, equipment and resources.  This way, La Quinta benefits by having access to the fourth largest law enforcement agency in the state. Helicopters, aircraft, Emergency Services Team (SWAT), Central Homicide Unit, Special Investigation Bureau, Administrative Investigations, Media Information Bureau, Target Teams, boats, diving teams, and Coroners Facilities are all part of the at La Quinta PD's disposal.

    The LQPD’s special services include a Special Enforcement Team, Traffic Services Team, School Resource Officers, Motorcycle Enforcement Unit, Investigations Bureau and two community policing offices. The La Quinta Police has an administrative arm that manages its several divisions and covers an area of over 33 square miles.

    Their Investigation Division follows up and investigates reports, arrests, and tips initiated by uniformed patrol officers. Their work has been broken down into four crime divisions: Property Crimes, Financial Crimes, Crimes Against Persons and Child Abuse Crimes. Each Investigator is trained and assigned to a specific crime division, but they all know how to assist in other areas when needed.

    The La Quinta Traffic Services Team performs a variety of functions. Its motorcycle officers are the most visible part of the team and they conduct traffic law enforcement.  They also investigate local traffic collisions and one of the responding officers is always a traffic collision reconstruction expert.

    Team members make public presentations at schools, civic organizations, and community groups as well as participating in regional and state enforcement activities like DUI Checkpoints, the "Click It or Ticket" seat belt program, "Avoid the Thirty" drinking and driving program, and Child Passenger Safety training.

    La Quinta Patrol officers serve as the initial responders for all calls.  They also employ the concept of Community Oriented Policing which teaches them to be responsive to the needs of their residents by creating partnerships with citizens to prevent crime and apprehend those who commit it.

    The LQPD also has a School Resource Officer who is a mentor and counselor for students, parents, teachers and administrators. He is involved in a variety of school functions and programs concerning crime prevention and intervention and, should it be required, conducts all criminal investigations on campus.

    The Special Enforcement Team (S.E.T.) was established in the late 1980's to help the Patrol Division by providing enhanced services like investigating crimes such as burglaries, theft, vandalism, assault and fraud.  Their presence allows uniformed patrol officers to remain in the field as first responders. S.E.T. members are also responsible for specialized enforcement and security at La Quinta civic and community events, like the annual Bob Hope Classic Golf Tournament.

    The Community Program Coordinator was established to serve as a liaison between the citizens of La Quinta and their police department. The officers of this program have strong skills in interpersonal relationships, planning and organization, research and analysis, writing and composition, and they also happen to be great public speakers.

    When you contact 888 Bail Bond, a licensed bondsman will collect basic information about the defendant’s situation such as, the amount of their bail amount, how long they have been detained, what their charges are, how long they’ve lived in their current residence, if they’re employed, etc.

    When you're ready to move forward, the simple forms will need to be signed. Most of our clients take advantage of our bail by email or fax for the fastest release from jail and the greatest convenience.

    The 10% bail bond fee can be paid by credit card and, if you qualify, we can arrange no-interest payment plans. We are on call 24/7 and are experts at working with you in having your loved one released from jail, quickly and efficiently.

    A licensed bondsman is available 24 x 7 to answer any of your specific La Quinta bail bonds questions at 888-224-5266.

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