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    Arrest and bail in Indio can be scary or confusing.  After booking an arrestee, the Indio Police will send him/her to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Jail, which is also known as the Indio Jail.

    You can’t post bail at the Indio Police Department but it may be posted at the Indio Jail, or at the Jail in Palm Springs, which is where the police send light offenders.

    At 888 Bail Bond, our job is to get a person out of jail ASAP so they can return home to their families, friends and daily routine.  To do so, we keep ourselves up to date on changes in law, criminal activities and arrest procedures.  [/one_half]

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    Indio is a city in the Coachella Valley of Southern California's desert region. The word indio is Spanish for Indian. The city is about 40 square miles in size with a population of 80,000 people.

    There are so many festivals and special events held annually in Indio, its official nickname is "The City Of Festivals."

    Two major ones are the National Date Festival held in celebration of the city’s date fruit crop and the world-famous Indio International Tamale Festival. Indio’s Coachella Music and Arts Festival and its Stagecoach Country western Festival are also big deals, attracting more than 100,000 music lovers to each!

    The City of Indio’s Police Department, which has been in the same headquarters since the late 1950s, manages to handle the influx of festival goers and other law enforcement duties with a staff of 85 sworn officers, 62 civilian employees and several over 80+ volunteers. This department has also been very active in Community Oriented Policing since 1994 and it is a winner of the Tomas Rivera Community Policing Award.

    Policing duties are shared with a regional station of the Riverside County Sheriff's Department (the Sheriff’s deputies also protect the nearby cities of Coachella, La Quinta, Thermal, Mecca, Bermuda Dunes and the Augustine Indian Reservation).

    The Indio Police Department is responsible for services associated with the enforcement of local, state and federal statutes and public safety, 24/7.  They protect life and property by identifying criminal offenders and criminal activity and by arresting said offenders and participating in their court proceedings.

    Reducing opportunities for committing crimes through preventative/directed patrol, code enforcement, and Neighborhood Watch programs are a part of the department’s policy, too.

    This police department also is the largest arm of the local government in Riverside County.

    It is comprised of four main divisions that cover eight major categories: 1.) Police Administration, 2.) Police Field Services, 3.) Police Special Services, 4.) Police Support Services, 5.) Animal Control, 6.) Community Improvement, 7.) Traffic Enforcement, and 8.) Parking Enforcement.

    The Indio police strive to establish partnerships with the locals so they can generate solutions together that will reduce crime even further.  To this end, they educate the public on crime and code enforcement issues while maintaining a high visibility throughout Indio.

    Police Administration is responsible for planning, organizing, staffing, directing, budgeting, reporting and administratively coordinating overall department responsibilities.

    The Police Field Services Division is comprised of sworn and non-sworn uniformed personnel who work shifts in geographical areas. Field Services includes oversight of Patrol, Communications Center, School Resource Officer, Reserve Officer program, Field Training Officer program, Internal Affairs and the Problem Oriented Policing Unit.

    Parking Control, under the direction of the Field Services Division, employs part-time Community Service Officers to issue parking citations.

    The Community Improvement Unit strives to create pride in the City of Indio by enforcing city code violations related to blight issues or hazards.

    The Indio Air Support Division provides air support services like traffic control, emergency transport and air patrol services.

    The Police Special Services Division is comprised of Investigations, Property-Evidence, Records, Background Investigations, Training, Professional Standards, Volunteer Personnel, CHIPS. (Citizens Helping in Policing Services), Police Cadets, Neighborhood Watch, Crime Analysis, and Public Relations.

    The Special Enforcement Team takes on dangerous crimes like bomb threats, kidnapping and hostage situations, while the Indio PD Dispatch Team fields all 9-1-1 calls.

    The busy IPD sworn officers are also involved in several community outreach and improvement groups like the "Adopt a School" program and the “Coffee With a Cop” program, in which officers meet with any interested citizen to discuss Indio law enforcement issues.


    Bail bonds in Indio and throughout California is a regulated industry. The cost is generally 10% of the total bond.

    There are no other additional fees. The cost is non-refundable once the defendant has been released from jail. You can pay our bail company using all major credit cards. We can also work out payment plans for those who qualify.

    When you call, a licensed bondsman will walk you through the process for bail at the Indio Jail. We will answer any questions you may have.

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    Indio Police Department
    46-800 Jackson Street
    Indio, CA 92201
    Phone: (760) 391-4057