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    Do you need a bail bond for Corona or surrounding communities?  888 Bail Bond can help.

    Not only can we help you with your Corona bail bond needs but our strategic network of agents allows us to post bail in most areas of California.

    Our family has been providing Corona bail bonds for nearly four decades.

    Did you know that with our company most bail bonds can be completed by fax or e-mail? You won't need to go out late at night or take off work. Did you know that most bail bonds we do don’t require collateral?

    If you call us, we can quickly determine if our company can properly service your needs.  If we don’t have an agent in your area or cannot help you, usually we can refer you to somebody who can.

    Call to speak directly with a California licensed bail bondsman 24 x 7: 888-224-5266.


    When a defendant is arrested in Corona, Norco or surrounding communities, they typically will be required to go through the booking process. This will require fingerprints, "mug shots", inventorying personal property, checking for warrants and similar activities.  In most cases, it will take about 2-8 hours to fully “book” the defendant into custody.

    The Bail Schedule for Riverside County (pdf) is a document which lays out bail amounts for all sorts of crimes. It is set on an annual basis by the county judges. Keep in mind that police officers and Judges can make decisions that can modify the amounts shown on this schedule.

    After the inmate is booked, a bail bondsman can post bail.  Subsequent to bail being posted, it usually takes 2-4 hours for the inmate to be released.  We always advise our clients to please be patient because the jail typically works at their own methodical pace.  Jail is not a hotel and you are not simply “checking out”.  The first duty of the officers is safety and they work accordingly.


    Corona Police Department
    849 W. Sixth Street
    Corona, California 92882
    (951) 736-2330

    Phone numbers for Corona Police Department:
    Emergency: 911
    Emergency: (951) 736-2333
    Non-Emergency: (951) 736-2334
    Investigations: (951) 736-2337
    Traffic: (951) 736-2355
    Patrol: (951) 736-2330
    Records: (951) 736-2330
    Crime Prevention: (951) 736-2343
    Youth Diversion: (951) 279-3544
    Volunteers (951) 736-2433


    Going to court in Riverside County can be a trying experience.  If you are out on bond, be sure to get to court on time.  Allow extra time for traffic or other issues.  Also, be sure to go to the right court location and court room.

    Please call our company 24 hours per day.  We can provide free Corona bail information.  We are longstanding members of the Better Business Bureau.

    We can be reached locally at 888-BAIL-BOND (888-225-5266).