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    The city of Cabazon in Riverside County became incorporated in 1955. Seventeen years later, residents voted to disincorporate the city after years of political scandals, instability, and stalled growth. It was the first community in California to give up its cityhood in 40 years. Recently, there have been discussions about reincorporating Cabazon.

    Cabazon is also home to one of the largest Native American casinos in the country, the Morongo Casino, Resort and Spa. The famous Claude Bell's dinosaurs are a popular roadside attraction for travelers each year.

    The Sheriff's Deputies working out of the Cabazon Sheriff's Department Substation provide law enforcement services to the mid-county Pass are, including the unincorporated communities near Beaumont and Banning. The City of Calimesa and the Morongo Indian Reservation have contracted their law enforcement services with the RCSD as well.

    The communities served by this substation are: Cabazon, Cherry Valley, Poppet Flats, San Gorgonio, San Timoteo canyon, Twin Pines, and Whitewater.

    When someone you know has been arrested by the Riverside Sheriff's Department in the Cabazon area, you want to find a bondsman who will work quickly to get them released from jail.

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    Cabazon Substation
    50290 Main St.
    Cabazon, CA 92230
    Phone: 951-776-1099

    Anyone arrested by the Sheriff's Deputies at the Cabazon Substation will likely be transported to the Larry D. Smith Correctional Facility in Banning. Here, they will be booked into the system. This will include fingerprints, photographs, a background check and warrant search. A bail amount will be set according to the Riverside County bail schedule.