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    The 43 year old city of Westminster has truly grown from a small farming community to a modern city of 88,207 people.  Its police department is also quite modern, and nationally recognized for its progressive style of law enforcement.  They are constantly updating their information to take advantage of what the latest in technology has to offer in terms of crime solving.

    Most of their police reports are now entered directly into laptop computers in the patrol cars, saving both paper and the expense of later transferring reports into computers back at headquarters. Officers can access other case reports, digital photography, digital mapping and more directly from their vehicles, too.

    The Westminster Police firmly believe in the importance of “individual accountability, excellent teamwork and commitment to quality service.” Nowhere is this more evident than in their Administrative Services Bureau, which is made up of a lieutenant, a sergeant, two officers, two civilians, two reserve officers, and three interns. The bureau is responsible for managing the dispatch center  and for the recruitment, hiring and training of everyone in the entire Westminster Police Force.

    The Westminster Police Department, built in 1968, is currently located in an English-style red brick building, but in two years, all that will change.   A brand new, modernized police facility is undergoing construction that will be finished in 2011.

    The new headquarters is part of an overall revitalization plan for the Westminster Civic Center that is designed to enhance police services and meet the energy efficiency goals set by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) requirements.  It contains an upgraded 911 communications center,  a new forensic lab for evidence processing, increased evidence storage, an Emergency Operations Center, a Type I jail, and work space that is large enough to accommodate the needs of this busy police department.

    Officers, dispatchers and civilian employees all attend training classes on a regular basis to foster Community Relations – another department overseen by ASB – which contains many related programs like Neighborhood Watch, the Citizens Police Academy, and SHIELD. The Special Services Bureau is also responsible for making sure the police department always has the supplies and equipment it needs.

    But the Services Bureau is just one facet of this multi-division police department.  Westminster has an Animal Control Unit that enforces state laws and municipal codes concerning the health and safety of animals, as well as assisting fellow officers in resolving a variety of problems that are animal related.

    Another division, the Westminster Police Communications Center, is the main intake center for all of the city’s  9-1-1 emergency calls.   It runs 24/7 and is staffed by a Communications Supervisor, 11 full-time and 6 part-time dispatchers. The center fields about  2,400 emergency  calls per month and 11,500 business and administrative calls.

    A related unit, the Communications Bureau, serves as the direct link between citizens and officers in the field. The dispatchers here screen and handle approximately 5,300 calls for service each month and provide support for all field operations. They also operate state-of-the-art technical equipment, like the Alliance PD Central computer aided dispatch system, Vesta intelligent phone workstations and an 800 MHz trunked radio system.

    The Westminster police SWAT Team handles hostage negotiations, interviewing and interrogating techniques, domestic violence, suicidal callers, critical incidents and sexual assault. Other units include a parking citations division, Records, Traffic and an Emergency Management and Preparation squad.

    Westminster Police Department Detectives have been divided into three units to address a variety of situations.  Their Crimes Against Public unit consists of two areas of investigative specialty: narcotics and vice/intelligence. This unit is unique in that much of their caseload is self-generated by the detectives.  The Crimes Against Property Unit is made up of a Sergeant and five Detectives who investigate felony and misdemeanor "property" crimes like  residential and commercial burglary, auto theft, vandalism, and more.  Finally, the Detectives’ Crimes Against Persons Unit investigates all crimes where the intended victim is a person. This unit consists of three major components: Family Protection, Robbery / Homicide; and the T.A.R.G.E.T Gang unit. During major investigations, like a murder or kidnapping, this trio of Detective Units work together and function as one team, combining the experience and expertise of all the members.

    The Westminster Police Department’s Patrol Division is the largest within the department. These dedicated and highly trained officers begin their careers working the streets to gather the knowledge and experience that is necessary to serve Westminster properly. Patrol Officers take on all in-progress crime calls and making split-second life and death decisions.

    Westminster Police Department
    8200 Westminster Blvd.
    Westminster, CA 92683

    Hours: 7:00AM -7:00PM Front Lobby Including Weekends.
    The Patrol  Division operates 24/7.