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    The James Musick jail facility is currently under the command of Captain Deana Bergquist and is charged with providing housing and rehabilitative activities for those sentenced by local Orange County judges.

    Although a small minority of inmates are eligible for bail from this facility, our bail bond company occasionally gets requests from those needing Musick bail bonds assistance.

    One of the unique requirements of the James Musick jail faculty is that bailed-out inmates must have a ride waiting. Otherwise, bailed inmates will be transferred to the main Santa Ana jail (Central Jail Complex, located in Santa Ana) for release.

    Potential customers can contact one of our Orange County local 24 hour bondsmen at 949-733-2245 or 714-835-2245. We can help customers with bail bonds for the James Musick Jail, Theo Lacy Jail and Men's Central Jail in Santa Ana.

    Additionally, we can help with local jails such as Anaheim, Laguna Beach and Newport Beach. We can also provide bail bond assistance for most other areas of California. Call for more information.


    How does a bail bond process work? After the defendant has been booked, the defendant will often make phone contact with a friend or family member. That person will often contact a bail bondsman.

    The bail bondsman is trained to guide the customer through the process by contacting the jail, facilitating the necessary legal documents and helping the defendant to arrange a ride home. It's surprisingly simple to get someone released from jail. Most bail bonds only require about 10-30 minutes of the customer's time.

    Often, our customers are delighted to know that they can transact most of the process by phone or e-mail. Because of the advances of modern technology, most of our customers are not required to leave their home in order to secure a bail bond.

    The Farm

    The James Musick facility is also known as "The Farm" due to an emphasis on rehabilitative efforts revolving around farm activities such as vegetable and egg farming. Other rehabilitative efforts include helping inmates to obtain their G.E.D. This facility is rated to hold approximately 1,325 inmates in a minimum security environment.

    Most of the inmates at this facility have been charged with misdemeanors such as DUI's or minor drug possession. Also known as the "honor farm", it is considered a privilege to be sentenced to this facility due to its easy-going atmosphere. Those that have been convicted of violent felonies are generally not suitable for the James Musick jail facility.

    If you desire to visit an inmate at the Musick jail, you should be aware of many special restrictions and rules. The public visiting activities are conducted Fri - Sun, 8:00AM - 5:30PM.

    All visitors must pass through a metal detector and are subject to search. Visitors must have valid ID. Clothing must not be too revealing. Those visitors involved with contraband or outstanding warrants will likely be promptly arrested. Due to ever-changing jail regulations, we suggest that you contact the Musick facility prior to you visit. Or, visit the web-site for the lastest visiting hours and rules.

    Lastly, our customers should be aware that many bail bond charlatans have emerged over the past 5 years. These con-artists will "cold call" potential clients by phone or hang-out around the jails soliciting customers to utilize their bail services. This unethical behavior has become commonplace in many areas of California. We highly advise that you avoid such individuals.

    Feel free to browse our web-site for everything you need to know about California bail bonds. Or, simply give us a call for free information about your bail situation.

    Call us at 888-BAIL-BOND or 714-835-2245.


    Facility Information
    13502 Musick Rd
    Irvine, CA 92618
    Phone: 714-647-4666