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    Most of our clients are families who never expected to need us. We can work with people locally or family that is far away.

    We can meet you in person or complete paperwork by email and fax.  We’re here to meet your bail bond needs.

    We want to ensure that you understand the bail process and your responsibilities, should you decide to bail someone out of jail. If the cost of bail is an issue, we can arrange a payment plan for qualified customers.


    We can help with a bail bond for someone in or near the University of Southern California.

    Those arrested at USC generally spend some time at the USC security department.  Eventually, however, they transferred to one of the Los Angeles County local jails.  At time of transfer, bail may be set.

    If the defendant is eligible for bail, a bond can be posted with the L.A. County jail.  This is where we can help.

    We understand the local issues.  Call for information locally at 310-275-6465.


    Unfortunately, crime is everywhere.  Even on a college campus.  You probably never anticipated that you might need a bail bond at USC. Crime is not exclusive to USC or to Los Angeles. With approximately 32,000 students, USC recently ranked 25th in the country for total crimes reported on college campuses, according to USA Today.

    Our company regularly works with USC students, faculty and staff to help them with their USC bail bond needs.

    The University of Southern California has taken a very serious approach to the possibility of crime in the campus community. According to the Department of Public Safety, now ranks as the largest university law enforcement agency in the country and is larger than approximately 75 percent of California's municipal police agencies.

    The University of Southern California’s security department is also the only campus law enforcement agency to provide a full range of security services to students, faculty and staff off campus, regardless of whether they are on university property.  Bail bonds cannot be posted at the local USC security offices.

    Let our knowledgeable professionals help you with your USC bail bond needs.  We understand the local issues associated with posting a local bail bond.

    Call toll free nationwide 888-BAIL BOND.