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    Bail Information

    When a loved one is arrested, it can be devastating for everyone involved.  Our customers are often scared of the implication of arrest and confused about the bail bond process. When difficult times arise, we can help.

    Our 24 hour bondsmen will gently guide you through the process for your Pomona bail bond.

    Did you know that with our company most bail contracts can be handled by phone, fax and e-mail?  Likely, you won’t need to leave your current location.  Did you know that we process the large majority of bonds can be by credit card?

    Please call for full Pomona bail bonds information: 888-224-5266.

    Experience Bondsman


    Not only do we handle Pomona bail bonds, our vast network of bondsmen allows us to efficiently transact bail in all areas of California.  If you call us, we can quickly inform you whether we can efficiently service your area.

    Let us help you.

    Costs & Payment


    In Pomona and throughout California, the amount of the bail will be in accordance to the severity of the offense and is intended to be substantial enough to ensure appearances for court dates.

    You may take the full amount of the bail to the jail or they may utilize a bail bondsman for a fee of 10% of the total bail.

    The cost of a bail bond in California is set by law. At 888 Bail Bonds, we offer bail bond payment options to suit your needs.

    Please ask the agent for details when you call.

    Bail Service


    • Fast Release – we will assist in the fastest possible release from the Pomona jail
    • We never close; call us anytime – call to arrange the bond or just for information
    • Local Bondsmen – we know the unique aspects of the Pasadena jail system
    • All major credit cards accepted
    • Flexible financing – it’s free to qualified clients for payment plans and it’s confidential

    For complete jail and bail information, we can be reached at 888-224-5266.


    Normally, when somebody is arrested in the Pomona area, they are taken to one of the Pomona jail to be booked. However, on occasion, other jails are utilized. We suggest that you contact our bail company to help you locate an inmate.

    If you are planning to visit somebody that is in the Pomona jail, we recommend that you contact the jail prior to your visit.

    Each jail sets its own policy regarding visiting hours, dress code, I.D needed and other protocol.

    Just remember, you are not visiting somebody at a hotel and expect standards of apparel. The defendant you know may be perfectly nice, but not everyone is.


    Shown below are the primary courthouses in the Pomona area.  Each case is unique and you should check with your bondsman (or other resource) to make sure you appear in the proper courthouse.  Keep in mind that bail bonds can sometimes be posted directly at the courthouse for those who have been in court.

    Pomona Courthouse North
    350 W. Mission Blvd.
    Pomona, California 91766
    Phone: 909-620-3202
    Criminal: 909-802-9944

    Pomona Courthouse South
    400 Civic Center Plaza
    Room 101
    Pomona, California 91766
    Phone: 909-620-3023
    Serving Walnut, Laverne, Claremont, and Diamond Bar

    In most cases, we advise our clients to arrive at the courthouse no later than 8:30 am. Make sure that you allow enough time for traffic or other problems.

    The courthouse lobby maintains calendars that show where cases are being heard.  If you were scheduled to appear, you need to look at the court calendar outside of the proper courtroom.

    When you arrive at the courthouse, immediately check the calendar.  If you don’t see your name listed, we recommend that you go to the clerk’s office located on the second floor in Room 204 (Criminal Clerk’s Office).

    We also recommend that you are prepared.  Being prepared includes having all relevant documents such as bail bond documents, case number, driver’s license number and other relevant documents.

    If our company bails you out, please contact us so that we can make sure you have all the relevant / required documents.


    The choice of an attorney is a huge decision in any legal matter. A poor choice of legal counsel can have huge repercussions. As a California bail bondsman, we cannot refer you to an attorney. We suggest you do your research.

    We might suggest consulting the LA County Bar Association which has an abundant amount of information about attorney services in Los Angeles County and the State of California.

    The Los Angeles County public defender may also be a great resource for those in need of legal assistance.


    Whether someone is arrested for Domestic Violence (DV), Possession of Drugs, White Collar Crime, Driving Under the Influence (DUI), misdemeanor or felony—we can help.

    Our company handles all bail amounts and types of crimes.  If we can’t assist you with your situation, often we’ll refer you to somebody that can.

    Uncertain of how to proceed? We are available to answer your Pomona bail bonds questions: 888-224-5266.

    Pomona Jail
    490 W. Mission Blvd.
    Pomona, CA 91766
    Phone: 909 620-2131