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    Whether you are looking for bail information or immediate bail in Norwalk and surrounding communities — you have come to the right web-site.

    Our bail bondsmen are 100% dedicated to helping your family get through this difficult time.

    Our agents are available 24 hours a day, even weekends and holidays, and can be reached by calling toll free 888-Bail Bond (888-224-5266). 

    We can answer all of your bail bond questions and help you to understand the bail bond system. Most of our customers have never used a bail bondsman before. We will spend whatever time is necessary to fully explain the bail process.

    We have bail agents available for bonding at Norwalk and all Los Angeles facilities, as well as anywhere in the State of California. Our licensed bondsman can come to your location or meet you at the jail.

    All bail bond documents can also be completed via fax or e-mail, whichever is most favorable for you. Once the paperwork is completed and payment has been arranged, we will have a bondsman post the bail bond at the appropriate detention facility.

    After the detainee is bailed out, release time from the Norwalk jail is about one hour.


    The purpose of bail is to ensure the defendant’s appearance at all court trials and hearings. If the defendant fails to appear, the entire bail amount can be forfeited.

    Bail is the amount of money a judge decides is adequate for a defendant to be released until their trial and ensure their return. Initially, the bail amount is determined simply by going to a standard bail schedule that is set for each county. A judge may adjust the bail amount based on the circumstances of the case.

    If you choose to use a bail bondsman you will be paying 10% of the full amount of the bail.

    We offer various bail bond payment options. Alternatively, if you opt for, and have the funds available, you may pay the full amount of the bail to the court. Be aware that these funds may be tied up until the case is completed. Payment needs to be made by cash or cashier’s check and needs to be made out exactly as stated by the jail.

    Booking at the Norwalk Police Station normally takes about 2-3 hrs.  The booking process differs in each city and depends on the workload at the time of booking. T

    here are 10 holding cells at the Norwalk station jail, which can hold up to 40 people. Juveniles and females are kept separately.

    The station is relatively small compared to Twin Towers (Los Angeles County Jail), which can hold up to roughly 6,000 inmates.

    Detainees who are not bailed out at the Norwalk station are usually held until the first court date or transferred to the mail Los Angeles County jails. Men are transferred to the Twin Towers facility (also known as Men’s Central Jail).

    Women are transferred to Lynwood (Central Regional Detention Facility). Bail may be posted at these facilities as well.

    However, we always recommend posting bail at the smaller facility as transfer will add significantly to release times. Often as much as 24 hours. We offer additional Twin Towers bail bond and Lynwood bail bond information.

    Once the arrestee has been in custody for approximately 24 hours, visits may be allowed.  Usually these visits are limited to 15 minutes per day.  Usually the hours are between the hours of 3 and 5pm.  Visitors must be 18 years or older and present a picture ID.

    If you are considering visiting an inmate, you should contact the jail for full information.


    When you call 888 Bail Bond, we are happy to provide Norwalk bail bond information and free consultation about your situation. Our clients repeatedly tell us about our professionalism, which is not generally expected from a typical bail bondsman. Our extra customer service helps the defendant and family endure an already difficult situation. All of our bondsmen are licensed, and our professionalism is unrivaled in the bail bond industry.  Rynerson Bail Bonds is a family owned and operated bail company. The Rynerson family has been serving bail industry in the State of California since 1971.

    The City of Norwalk is consistently ranked among the safest cities in America.  However, even the safest cities have some crime. We understand that nice people make mistakes, use bad judgment or find themselves in situations that they never thought they would. We understand that an arrest can be surprising, frustrating and expensive. Let us help you.

    Please call for Norwalk bail information 888-224-5266.


    Norwalk Station Jail
    12335 Civic Center Drive
    Norwalk, CA
    (562) 863-8711

    Helpful Phone Numbers for the Norwalk Police Department:
    Desk Officer (562) 854-3051
    Detective Bureau (562) 854-3011
    Detective Bureau Supervisor (562) 854-3027
    Patrol Commander (562) 854-3007

    The Norwalk Station, with the addition of the substations of La Mirada (562-902-2960) and Whittier (562-903-1875), is one of the Los Angeles Sheriff Department's busiest facilities.

    In addition, it has a very active Reserve Unit and a dedicated Explorer Post.