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    We understand the stress you may be dealing with if a friend or family member has been arrested and jailed by the Monterey Park Police Department. You may not know who to turn to get straight answers. Let us help.

    Our family has been in bail since 1971 and has the expert knowledge of the industry to assist in guiding you through the bail process with patience and professionalism.

    The paperwork is easily taken care of simply by using your fax or email. Alternatively, a licensed, professional bondsman can meet directly with you at the Monterey Park jail, your home or office. We'll get working for the fastest release possible.

    A bail bond in Monterey Park as well as in all of California usually requires payment prior to the release of the defendant. The bail bond fee is typically 10% of the total bail amount. Therefore, if the bail is set at $20,000, the non-refundable bail fee will be $2,000.

    For most of our clients, a credit card is most often the easiest, most convenient way of paying for a bail bond. And, with good credit, we offer creative bail payment financing options to make the purchase of a bond an easier one.

    Our licensed agents will work out payment arrangements with no additional fees, taxes or finance charges. Contact us to find out how we can best help you with the details of financing a bail bond.

    For a free consultation with an expert bondsman for Monterey Park bail bonds information, call us toll-free number 888-224-5266.


    When you contact us, we can help you understand all of the details and responsibilities as the indemnitor (bail bond signer), prior to deciding to post a bail bond for the defendant. You will then be required to sign simple, state-required forms and make payment for the bond.

    Please be aware the premium you pay for the bond is a non-refundable fee. Feel free to read more information about how bail bonds work.


    The Monterey Park Police Department is a full service police agency. Their 82 sworn police officers and 50 civilian personnel represent a diverse workforce that is supported by over 150 community volunteers through the Police Reserves, Emergency Communications, Citizen Patrol, Explorer programs, and other civilian volunteers. Their department personnel strives to provide the finest police service to the community.

    The Jail Bureau is responsible for the booking, custodial detention, and release of prisoners and their property. It also provides for the care and safety of all persons in the jail facility, in compliance with state and federal regulations governing  jail operations.

    The Jail Bureau also offers a sentenced prisoner program for persons who are ordered by the court to serve a sentence in a jail facility. It is currently staffed with 5 full time Jailers and 1 part-time Jailer.

    When someone has been arrested and taken into custody in by the Monterey Park Police Department, they will be taken to the Monterey Park jail for booking and processing into the system.

    The booking process of a defendant usually includes, obtaining the inmate’s personal information, taking their photograph, (also referred to as a mug shot), taking their fingerprints and a conducting a background check of their records.

    When a bond has been posted, release can take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours or more, depending on the individual case and how busy the facility is.


    You can always trust our company to work our hardest for you. Let us be your number one trusted resource for bail bonds in Monterey Park, the Los Angeles County or the entire state of California. We're a family who's been in the bail business since the 1970's. We treat every customer with integrity, honesty and discretion.

    For answers to your most urgent questions in Monterey Park, call us toll-free at (888) BAIL BOND or (888) 224-5266. 

    We'll meet and exceed your bail expectations.

    Monterey Park Police Department
    320 West Newmark Avenue
    Monterey Park, CA 91754
    Phone: (626) 307-1211
    Fax: (626) 307-1468
    TDD/TTY (626) 307-2540
    Jail: (626) 307-1245