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    If you looking for bail bondsmen that handle the Marina Del Rey jail, we can help. We have local bail agents to assist you.

    We can be reached locally at 310-275-6465 for Marina Del Rey bail bonds.

    You might be surprised of the ease of getting somebody bailed from the Marina Del Rey jail with our bail bond company.

    Sometimes it can be as simple as a credit card by phone. As necessary, the simple bail bond contract can be e-mailed / faxed to the you. Alternatively, we can have a bondsman come to you (usually in a matter of minutes).


    Those arrested in the Marina Del Rey area are usually brought to the station for booking.

    Once booked, most arrestees will be eligible for bail. Sometimes defendants will personally bail themselves out.

    Usually, friends or family of the defendant will arrange the bail utilizing a bail bondsman. If an arrestee is not bailed out of Marina del Rey promptly, they may be transported to the LA County jail, which will add significantly to the time when bail can be processed.

    We strongly recommend that arrestees bail out quickly to avoid unnecessary transfers to other jails.

    The Marina Del Rey Jail is under the direction of Captain Oceal Victory.

    The jail is located within the marina near the intersection of Culver and Lincoln. The Marina Del Rey Sheriff's division currently operates 6 boats that patrol the immediate harbor areas. Also, this division is responsible for the upper class neighborhoods of Windsor Hills, View Park and Ladera Heights.

    The Marina Del Rey Sheriff's division is unique in that, in addition to their boat operations, they operate their own dive team to handle incidents that require underwater operations.

    Those wishing to post bail at the Marina Del Rey jail should go to the front counter of the Sheriff's station.


    The bail amount for a Marina Del Rey defendant is determined by a Los Angeles County bail schedule which encompasses bail for the entire County of Los Angeles.

    The actual bail can vary from the scheduled amount for many reasons such as criminal past of the defendant, residency of the defendant and possible enhancements as determined by the arresting officers.

    The average bail in Marina del Rey is approximately $18,000. Our most common bail is for Domestic Violence where the bail will usually range from $20,000 to $50,000. Drug possession is usually $10,000 to $30,000.

    If you choose to purchase a bail bond utilizing bail bondsmen, the cost will normally be 10% (mandated by California law).

    This fee may be paid directly to your bondsman via cash or credit card. In some instances, credit-worthy clients may choose to make arrangements for monthly payments directly to the bail bond company.

    The vast majority of our clients don't' need to "pledge" collateral to secure their bail bond. With no collateral changing hands, most bonds are completed in minutes.

    Don't hesitate to browse our web-site for abundant information about the bail bond process. Alternatively, please feel free to call us 24 hours at 310-275-6465.

    Bail bonds in Marina del Rey are usually completed in several hours. When you call, we will give you sensible time frames to complete the bail bond.

    We specialize in the Marina Del Rey and LA region and can quickly advise you if we are able to efficiently service your bail bond needs.

    You may call for bail bonds 24 hours a day, even on Sundays and holidays, in the Marina Del Rey area at 310-275-6465 or toll-free at 888-224-5266.

    Marina Del Rey Jail / Sherriff
    13851 Fiji Way
    Marina Del Rey, 90292
    Jail Phone: 310-482-6000
    24 hour bail bond service: 310-275-6465

    Last updated: 12/08/2014