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    Let us help you. Our professional bail bond agents at  understand the Los Angeles bail bond system.

    The Los Angeles jails can be scary for detainees and their loved ones. We understand the need to expedite your bail bond. We don't want your loved one in jail any longer than necessary.

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    Our company can handle bail bonds by e-mail or fax.  We also have a strategic network of licensed agents throughout Los Angeles and California who can post bail bonds at the appropriate jail. If necessary, we'll have a professional, licensed bail bondsman travel to you to facilitate the bail bond process.

    What Is A Bail Bond?


    The procedure for posting a bail bond can be confusing or frustrating - particularly when you're confronted with it for the first time. Don't face this process alone. Let a licensed bail bondsman guide you through the California bail bond process.

    Be sure that you understand the responsibility that you are undertaking when you provide a bail bond for your friend or relative in Los Angeles. A bail bond is a guarantee that the defendant will show up in court.  If you sign a bail bond on behalf of another person and that person fails to appear in court, you are contractually liable to the bail bond company.

    L.A. Jails & Bail


    When an individual is arrested in Los Angeles, they're usually taken to a police holding facility or local Los Angeles Police Department jail. If a bail bond is posted, they will be released as quickly as possible and generally have several weeks before appearing in court. During that time, they may wish to retain legal counsel representation. If a bail bond is not obtained, the individual will usually be held at this jail till they go to the local Los Angeles court.

    After court, if the individual is still in custody, the defendant is usually relocated to the main downtown Los Angeles jail (Twin Towers Jail / Men's Central Jail). The Twin Towers Jail is a very large facility and requires additional processing of detainees. If the individual is still eligible for a bail bond, it may be posted at Twin Towers Jail. That process can often take up to 24 hours for release, primarily because of the size and scope of the Twin Towers Jail. We usually advise that the bail bond be posted at the smaller Los Angeles jails.

    The Lynwood jail is the main women's jail in Los Angeles County.

    Get more information about the Los Angeles County Jail system.

    Bail bonds in Los Angeles are usually completed in several hours. When you call, we will give you sensible time frames to complete the bail bond.

    We specialize in the Los Angeles and can quickly advise you if we are unable to efficiently service your bail bond needs.

    You may call 24 hours a day, even on Sundays and holidays, at 888-224-5266.