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    The LASD East Los Angeles Sheriff Station and jail serves the unincorporated County area and the contract City of Commerce with police and protection services.

    If someone is arrested in these areas, they will be transported to this jail which is located on East Third Street, just east of downtown Los Angeles. The jail can hold up to 30 inmates and is serviced by the Los Angeles Sheriff Department.


    We can provide you with complete information about the arrest process. For most of our clients professionalism and speed of service are the biggest concerns.

    Our bondsmen are well trained, articulate and skilled at creative solutions. Because the timing and bail bond process can vary so widely in Los Angeles County, bail bond paperwork should be started quickly for the fastest release from the East L.A Jail.

    Please call us toll free at (888) BAIL BOND or (888) 224-5266 for additional information or immediate service.

    East Los Angeles Station & Jail
    5019 E. Third Street
    East Los Angeles, CA 90022
    Business Phone: 323-264-4151

    East L.A. is a densely populated community with strong cultural traditions. The unincorporated area of East Los Angeles is 7.48 square miles with a resident population of 126,064.

    Fifty-six Sheriff’s deputies are dedicated to providing patrol service to this community. Thirty-two deputy personnel and one service area manager (a Sergeant) are dedicated to providing patrol services to this community.