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    Bailing out of jail is usually very simple.

    In most cases, collateral is not required.

    For immediate service, call 888-224-5266.

    You will be required to pay a fee to the bondsman (usually 10%) and the defendant will be required to make all of their court appearances.

    Often, we only need a credit card by phone to get the inmate released.

    Many of our clients are shocked at the simplicity of getting somebody released from jail. After a defendant is released from jail, they will usually be required to go to court.

    The bail bondsman can provide the defendant with their court date. In most cases, the defendant will go to court at the L.A. Superior Court located at 825 Maple Ave. Torrance, CA 90503.


    Does it matter what bail bond company you choose? Absolutely!

    Bondsmen typically all charge the same fees, however, the customer service can vary widely.

    Do you want to conduct the transaction by fax, e-mail, even e-sign, have an agent meet you at the jail, have an agent come to your home?

    All of these are customer service considerations that can vary from bail agency to bail agency. Most bail bond agencies are ethical; however, the last several years have ignited shady agencies looking to make a fast dollar.

    In short, be careful whom you choose.

    With our bail bonds company, you will have options and conveniences to arrange fast bail, get all of your questions answered and feel comfortable with the decisions you make.


    The Hermosa Beach locality is not a region that you would expect a huge amount of crime.

    However, we find many of our Hermosa Beach bail bond clients can get themselves into a unexpected situation that requires the services of a bail bondsman.

    It can be as simple as drunk in public, bar-room brawl or a physical showdown with a neighbor or something more personal. A Hermosa Beach bail bond is straight-forward and can usually be finalized in just a few hours.

    Those with citizenship issues such as questionable citizenship status, green cards and other issues may get transferred to the immigration authorities so that their legal predicament can be sorted. Please note that we do not offer immigration bonds.

    If you need bail assistance, please call us 24 hours at 310-275-6465. Also, be aware that our bail company can easily service most other areas of California. So, if you live in Hermosa Beach and need a bail bond in California, we can help.

    Hermosa Beach Jail

    The Hermosa Beach jail is a small jail holding roughly 20 inmates. Usually, detainees will only be detained at this jail for a maximum of 1-2 days. Hermosa Beach arrestees will usually be bailed out, cited-out or transferred to the appropriate court. Thereafter, unreleased defendants will likely get transferred to the Los Angeles county jail. We advise our clients to bail out expeditiously to avoid possible reassignment to the Los Angeles County Jail (Twin Towers Jail for Men or Lynwood Jail for women) as a transfer adds a minimum of 12 hours to the time a defendant will be incarcerated before release.

    We are available to answer all your Hermosa Beach bail bond questions. We can be reached locally at 310-275-6465. Or, you may call us toll free at 888-BAIL-BOND.

    Hermosa Beach Police Department
    Hermosa Beach 540 Pier Ave.
    Hermosa Beach, CA 90254-3836
    Jail phone number: 310-318-0234