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    Bail Information


    Whether you need help with Downey bail bonds, or elsewhere in California, we can help. We maintain licensed 24 hour bondsmen that can answer all your bail bonds questions.

    We advise clients to start the bail process as quickly as possible in order to bail someone out of the Downey Jail and avoid transfer.

    The advantage to bailing out of the Downey Police Department is that the inmate can usually be released in just a few short hours.

    However, an inmate who is not bailed out quickly may get transferred to Men's Central Jail in Downtown Los Angeles or Lynwood Jail for women. Releases from these facilities can often take in excess of 24 hours due to their extreme size.

    We strongly recommend to our customers that they phone our company as soon as the arrest happens so that we can get the process started and achieve the quickest release.

    This could potentially save a lot of frustration for the defendant and family.

    Bail Amounts


    Bail amounts in Downey are determined by the L.A. County Bail Schedule. They reflect the bail amounts for various crimes that have been committed within Los Angeles County.

    Note that many circumstances can potentially change the actual bail amount that is set for a particular defendant.

    Bail deviations from the schedule can occur by officer discretion as well as rulings from Judges.

    Also, be aware the California has some of the highest bails in the county.

    Going to Court


    If you bail out using our company, it is critical that you make all of your court appearances.

    You want to make sure that you get your bail bond "exonerated," meaning you are no longer responsible for the bail bond contract.

    If you happen to miss a court appearance, likely you will get a warrant issued for your arrest. Be sure to call us immediately and we can usually resolve the warrant by contacting the court.

    If you have questions about the Downey courthouse, we recommend that you go to the L.A. Superior Court web-site.

    That site will provide abundant up-to-date information about the Downey courthouse such as the location, hours of operation, parking, phone directory and similar types of information.

    For immediate bail service, speak to a bondsman at 888-224-5266.


    If someone is arrested in Downey, often they will be taken to the Downey Jail Police Department. The jail is only designed to hold a small handful of inmates.

    We recommend that if you (or a loved one) are arrested that you call our company as soon as possible. We're happy to answer your questions.

    We can be reached locally at 310-275-6465323-539-2245,  or 213-452-0503.

    Downey Jail and Police Department
    10911 Brookshire Avenue
    Downey, CA 90241
    Downey Police Department 24 Hours (562) 861-0771