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    If you need Beverly Hills Bail Bonds or jail information, our company is local and has been serving greater Los Angeles County for 40 years.

    We understand the stress of bailing out a loved one from jail. Our 24 hour professional bondsmen can answer all your questions.

    Speak directly to a local Beverly Hills licensed bail bondsman locally at 310-275-6465.

    Those arrested in the city of Beverly Hills are usually booked at the Beverly Hills Police Department.

    The booking process involves fingerprinting, mug shots, checking for warrants and similar activities.

    Once booked, the arrestee in usually placed in a jail cell pending bail or transfer to court.

    When you choose to utilize a bail bondsman, normally you will pay the bail agency a 10% fee to handle the transaction (fee set by the California Department of Insurance). You should not be required to pay any other fees such as taxes, posting fees or transportation costs.

    We should warn you that we have observed unlicensed bail agents at and near the Beverly Hills Police Department that are illegally soliciting bail. We strongly urge the public to be careful whom you are transacting bail. Also, be sure that you read and understand all documents that you are affixing your signature. Unfortunately, the bail industry is rife with charlatans' who promise one thing-and deliver another. First they sell you the car; then they sell you the tires.

    After the defendant has been bailed out, they will be required to attend all of their court appointments until their case is resolved. Once the case is finalized, the bail bond is "exonerated" and all liability is absolved. Don't forget that when you sign a bail bond contract, you are taking financial responsibility for that person to make all their court appearances. Potentially, you could be answerable for the full face amount of the bond. If you have questions or concerns, please ask a bondsman when you call us.

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    We hope that you trust our company to help you with your Beverly Hills bail bond needs.

    Additionally, we have business relationships with bail agents throughout the state of California that enables us to transact bail virtually anywhere in the entire state. If we can't help you, likely we can refer you to somebody that can.

    Call for more Beverly Hills bail bonds information or for immediate bondsman service: 310-275-6465.  You may also reach us toll free at 888-224-5266.


    Beverly Hills Police Department / Jail
    464 N. Rexford
    Beverly Hills, CA 90210
    Police Department: 310-288-2600
    Beverly Hills Jail: 310-285-2187
    24 Hour Beverly Hills Bail Bond Service: 310-275-6465

    The Beverly Hills Police Department is widely acknowledged as one the most professional police organizations in the world. The current chief of police of the BHPD is David L. Snowden. The BHPD is located near the cross streets of Santa Monica Blvd. and N. Beverly Drive. Those wishing to visit an inmate should be alert to the strict visiting hours / guidelines at the jail. Additionally, those visiting must follow very strict rules such as proper dress, proper identification (driver's license or other legal ID), no weapons and many other restrictions. If you choose to visit an inmate, it is highly recommended that you contact the jail facility prior to your visit. The general public has special visiting hours. Bail bondsman, clergy, attorneys and other legal professionals are entitled to 24 hour access to those in custody (some obvious restrictions apply).