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    You may have some preconceptions about what happens when you need a bail bond. We are a family-owned business and we have the resources to respond to your needs throughout California whether you are in a large city or a small county like Yuba.

    When you call us toll free at 888-BAIL BOND you will be connected with a licensed bail bondsman who will give you confidential help with your specific situation.

    Consult our online bail bonds resources for general information and to answer your questions regarding types of bail bonds, a variety of methods for payment of your bail bond, as well as the costs involved and payment options. We have an extensive bail video library that you can use to clarify the range of our services.

    Yuba County Bail Bonds Solutions for You

    You likely have many questions and concerns and we're here to help you through the process. We offer:
    Free 24-Hour Phone Consultations – you will speak directly with a professional Yuba County bail bondsman, likely a Trusted ExpertBail Network member, who can quickly explain how a bail bond works and how this applies to your needs..
    Fast Bail Service throughout Yuba County – Bail bonds can be arranged by fax and email or fast phone approvals to help get your loved one out of jail quickly. If meeting in person is more to your comfort, we'll come to you or you can meet us at the office or the jail. Once the process is complete, we post the bond within the hour to obtain the quickest release possible.
    Bail Bond Payment Options – All major credit cards are accepted. You may also choose to pay in cash. If financing a bail bond is necessary and you qualify, we're here for you with no financing charges. Often, collateral is not required.
    More Information – Please see our Frequently Asked Questions or call us now toll-free 888-224-5266.


    The detailed information about the arrest and jail procedures may be overwhelming and frightening. Contact 888 Bail Bond at 888-BAIL BOND to get supportive help in arranging for Yuba County bail bonds.

    Yuba County Sheriff's Office And Jail Information

    Yuba County Sheriff's Office
    215 5th Street Suite 150
    Marysville, Ca. 95901
    Phone: (530) 749-7777
    Open to the Public:    Monday – Friday
    8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
    Closed weekends and holidays

    Yuba County Jail
    Recorded - (530) 749-7777  Ext. 1
    Jail  (530) 749-7740
    Jail Administration  (530) 749-7751
    Yuba Bail Bonds: (888) 224-5266


    Bail Bond Requirements

    Bail- The requirements for posting bail are as follows:

    • Payment must be made using cashier’s checks or money orders or cash.
    • The full amount of bail must be paid.
    • Bail must be posted in the jail lobby at the deputy control room.
    • Cashier checks or money orders must be made out to “Yuba County Jail"

    When you call 888-BAILBOND a licensed bail bondsman will handle all the complex rules you are to follow for posting Yuba County bail bonds.

    Inmate Accounts

    Inmate money accounts- Deposits can be made to your inmate account if you need funds. Deposits are processed during visiting hours, by mail or the EZ-Kiosk system. The funds deposited may be in US currency, cashier's check or money order.

    Inmate Property

    Release of Property- When you are arrested your personal property is taken from you. This property is returned to you when you are released. It may be picked up 24 hours a day in the Jail Lobby.

    Your vehicle may have been towed, stored or repossessed in the arrest process. You can claim your vehicle following the rules set out on the Sheriff's Department website.

    Police Reports

    Release of Sheriff’s Report-  The process is as followed:

    • Reports that are under investigation and some other types of reports cannot be released.
    • You have to complete a written request for Public Records Release for your case report.
    • A release form is required which you get at the front counter at the Sheriff’s Department