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    This may be the first time you've dealt with someone being arrested and jailed at the Wayne Brown Correctional Facility. Our licensed agents will explain the bail process, and help to get your loved one, friend or family member released as quickly as possible.

    When you call us, you’ll speak directly to one of expert agents who will listen carefully to your situation and work with you. Starting the process is simple -- all of the paperwork can be handled quickly and conveniently from the comfort of your own home.  All you need is a computer, FAX machine or phone.

    We work with a diverse network of bail bond agents across the entire state of California. And, using the latest technologies we can quickly service the Wayne Brown Correctional Facility Jail to have your friend or your loved one released today.

    For the fastest response for Wayne Brown Jail bail bonds, speak to a professional bail bondsma 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at toll free 888-224-5266.

    The Wayne Brown Correctional Facility is a Type II facility which houses individuals pending arraignment, during trial, and upon sentence. The facility can house 250 inmates. The jail facility provides to the community over 12,000 hours of inmate labor to various government agencies and non-profit organizations every year.

    This facility is designed to house maximum, medium, and minimum-security inmates. In general, defendant's pending court processes or sentenced to one year or less for misdemeanor crimes are housed in the County Jail. Those sentenced to more than one year will be transferred to a state prison.

    The Jail Commander directs and oversees the facility with a sworn Lieutenant as executive officer and a Correctional Lieutenant in charge of day-to-day jail operations. The Captain is responsible for the overall operation of the Corrections Division which includes all jails, inmate transportation, holding facilities and court security.


    A bail bond in Nevada County as well as in all of California is 10% which is mandated by California law. This is a non-refundable percentage of the total amount of the bail. We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover to pay for the bond.

    We also realize the cost of the bail bond may be more than you have available. That's why we offer our clients creative payment solutions with their good credit. In most cases, we can offer no collateral bail bonds. For additional information, you may watch our bail payment option video.


    When you choose to bail someone out of the Wayne County Correctional Facility Jail they should expect to be released within two to six hours, or more depending upon their individual circumstances.

    Once the bail bond paperwork and payment have been completed, we know you will be eager for their release. The jail staff can not let us know exactly the time the defendant will be released, but once they are, they will have access to a phone.


    We want you to feel confident knowing that we are a professional, trusted family business with many years of experience. We’ll do our professional best to have your family member, loved one or friend released from custody as soon as possible.

    We're always available for questions and can help to make your experience in procuring a bail bond an easy and comfortable one.

    We are here for any of your questions about bail bonds for the Wayne County Correctional Facility 24 hours a day at toll-free 888 BAIL BOND or 888 224-5266.

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