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    The city of Vacaville is a special place just west of Sacramento. It's surrounded by rolling hills and only minutes of the Napa and Sonoma wine countries.

    When someone has been arrested by the Vacaville Police Department and jailed, let 888 Bail Bond be your first contact. A professional bondsman can get you through the bail process.

    We'll get to work right away to have your friend or relative released as quickly as possible. The paperwork is made easy through the use of bail by email or fax. Let us help you during this stressful time.

    For additional arrest or booking information or immediate Vacaville bail bonds service, talk to a bondsman directly at 888-224-5266.


    The Vacaville Police Department has embraced a balanced approach to public safety. As a forward-looking police agency, they understand that crime and the fear of crime can best be reduced when a well-rounded approach of prevention, intervention and enforcement options is employed. Their core mission calls for the aggressive enforcement of laws, including local ordinances. They also help to inform and educate local residents, business owners and their employees.

    When someone is arrested and taken into custody in Vacaville, both males and females will be transported to the main Solano County jail in Fairfield. The booking process can take up to 4 hours and  typically consists of fingerprinting, photographs, background checks and entering the inmate into the computer system.

    Once they are cleared and the booking process is complete, a bail bond may be posted with the jail. Release can take anywhere from 4 to 6 hours, depending on the defendant's case and how busy the jail staff is at the time. Bail can be posted at the Solano County jail, 24-hours a day.


    The purpose of the bail system is to guarantee the appearance of a criminal defendant in court. A bail bond is a contract that releases a defendant from jail.  Based on the charges, the bail amount is usually set by the judge using the County Bail Schedule.

    Upon our initial phone consultation with you, we will collect basic information about the defendant’s situation such as, their bail amount, their charges, the length of time in their current residence, if they’re employed,  and other information.

    Once the bond has been approved, the necessary forms will need to be signed. Both the bail application and contract are two very simple and easy to understand documents.

    We understand that it may be a difficult time for you and your family. We are dedicated to providing you with the fastest service for Vacaville and the surrounding Solano County areas. One call is all it takes to get the process started.

    Let 888 Bail Bond help you now in Vacaville, call toll free at 888-BAILBOND.

    Vacaville Police Department
    660 Merchant Street
    Vacaville, CA 95688-6908
    (707) 449-5200