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    When a friend or family member calls you to ask for help because they’ve been arrested on campus at UC San Francisco, you may not know what you can do to help them.

    For immediate assistance and information about the bail bond process, you can speak with a licensed California bondsman at 888 Bail Bond.

    Our toll free number is 888-224-5266 and we are available 365 days a year.


    Community members have access to safety escorts 24-hours a day at Parnassus Heights, Mission Bay, Laurel Heights, Mount Zion and Mission Center. Escorts are provided by the UC San Francisco Police Department and can be requested at any security service desk on campus.

    The department’s field services division provides patrols 24-hours a day on campus, by car, on bike and on foot. Services include responding to emergency calls, investigating crimes, enforcing criminal and vehicle codes, investigating traffic collisions, community policing and managing security and safety for special events held on campus.

    Investigation services division conducts investigations on all reported major crimes, maintains investigative liaisons with other law enforcement agencies and develops crime analysis information.


    After going through the booking process, the arrestee can then be bailed out, either by posting the full bail amount or working with a bail bondsman. Bail in California is among the highest in the country, which can make it nearly impossible for most people to be able to pay the full amount.

    The best option for most people in this situation is to work with a bail bondsman. The cost of a bail bond is just 10% of the total bail amount. For example, if bail is set at $10,000 then you will only have to pay $1,000 to get your loved one released from jail.

    When you call the licensed team at 888 Bail Bond at 888-224-5266, they will be able to quickly approve a bail bond over the phone. The necessary paperwork can also be done by phone, fax, email or in person. We can even arrange to meet with you at any convenient location, such as your home or office, or at the jail.

    Bail bonds can be paid for in a variety of ways, and in many cases we do not require any collateral. We accept all major credit cards as payment and can even finance a bond for those who qualify. There are never any additional taxes or fees.

    24/7 BONDSMAN

    We know how difficult this situation can be when handled on your own. Call 888 Bail Bond as soon as you are contacted about your loved one’s arrest and we can get started on a bail bond immediately. We are here to answer your questions and walk you through the bail bond process from start to finish.

    For UC San Francisco bail bonds call 415-831-2245, We are available at any time of the day or night.

    Bail Bonds Solutions for You

    Free 24-Hour Phone Consultations – you will speak directly with a professional bondsman, likely a Trusted ExpertBail Network member, who can quickly explain how a bail bond works and how this applies to your needs.
    Fast Bail Service throughout San Francisco County – Bail bonds can be arranged by fax and email or fast phone approvals to help get your loved one out of jail quickly. If meeting in person is more to your comfort, we'll come to you or you can meet us at the office or the jail. Once the process is complete, we post the bond within the hour to obtain the quickest release possible.
    Bail Bond Payment Options – All major credit cards are accepted.  You may also choose to pay in cash.

    If financing a bail bond is necessary and you qualify, we're here for you with no financing charges. Often, collateral is not required.

    UCSF Police Department

    UCSF Police Department
    1855 Folsom St, Ste 145
    San Francisco, CA 94143

    The officers of the UC San Francisco Police Department are committed to making sure that it stays a safe place to live, work, study and visit. They embrace community policing and partner with other police agencies in San Francisco in order to enhance the safety and quality of life on campus.