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    Tuolumne County is located in the heart of California’s Gold Country. One of the main highways to Yosemite National Park runs through Tuolumne County. The local population is small but it swells with seasonal tourist visitors.

    Law enforcement is handled by the Tuolumne County Sheriff who also administers the Tuolumne County Jail. You may wonder about the availability of help if you are arrested in such a small jurisdiction. You may not know what to do to get your loved one released from custody.

    888 Bail Bond can help. We are a family owned and operated bail bond company. Our network of professional licensed bail bondsmen are ready to consult with you about your needs any time.

    We can put your mind at ease and assure you that help is available. We have been in business since 1971 and we have agents available to fill your bail bond requirements in the largest city and smallest town in the State of California.

    When you call us at 888-BAIL BOND, a bondsman is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for Tuolumne County bail bonds.


    Warrants & Arrest

    Warrant- The purpose of the arrest warrant is to authorize placing someone in police custody. Its is issued by a judge based on the probable cause that someone committed a specific crime. You will be arrested as soon as you’re located if there is warrant against you. You may also turn yourself in voluntarily. You can be arrested without a warrant if specific conditions are met.

    Arrest- The individual is taken into custody by a peace officer based on the warrant issued or other circumstances that lead the officer to conclude that a crime was committed.

    Release Options

    Bail or Own Recognizance (OR)- The court decides whether an individual can be released or held in custody based on the severity of the charge, the defendant’s prior record and the probability that the defendant will appear for scheduled court dates.

    Rynerson Bail Bonds can help you at this step. When you call us about getting a bail bond we will explain to you the bail process, the costs involved and the payment method you prefer to use. We accept credit cards and offer a variety of low cost financing plans. Call us at 888-BAIL BOND to devise a plan that fits your individual needs.

    Court Appearences & Failure To Appear

    Court Appearances- The defendant facing misdemeanor or felony charges must appear in court. The exact court instructions for date and time of appearance must be followed. Failure to appear may result in an arrest warrant against you. You must present identification and information about your case when you report to court.

    Failure to Appear- The court may impose the following consequence for failure to appear.

    • Forfeiture of your bail bond.
    • A warrant for your arrest
    • You may be fined according the legal requirement
    • The District Attorney may issue additional charges for the failure to appear
    What To Expect In Court

    Special Hearing or Disposition- In some cases the court has the authority to make a ruling and issue a sentence at this time.

    Preliminary Hearing- This hearing is held in felony cases by a judge to determine if there is probable cause to believe that the accused has committed the specified crime. The decision is made whether the person charged will be held for trial.

    Plea Bargaining- Through his/her attorney, the accused may agree on a plea with the District Attorney to avoid going to trial.

    Trial Process- A jury is selected to judge the evidence presented when a case goes to trial. The prospective jurors are questioned by the prosecution and defense. Some jury candidates will be dismissed without explanation. After the selection of the jury the district attorney presents the evidence to show the defendant committed the crime as specified in the charges. The defense rebuts the accusations by presenting evidence to contradict the district attorney’s evidence and raise reasonable doubts for the jury’s consideration. The jury delivers the verdict after the presentation of evidence by both sides and instructions by the judge.

    Post-Verdict Motions- Both the district attorney and the defendant’s attorney may make various legal motions or arguments before and after sentencing. These exchanges may include consideration of the possibility of a new trial or reduction of the sentence. The appeals can take years and reach the Supreme Court for final adjudication.

    Bail Refunds- Cash bail will be refunded automatically when ordered by the court.  The processing time for the refund is about six to eight weeks. When you use a bail bondsman, the fee you pay is non-refundable, regardless of the outcome of the case.

    Blood Alcohol Results- You can file a request before arraignment for the results of any blood alcohol tests.

    Court Appointed Counsel- The court will appoint a public defender at your arraignment if you make a request because you cannot afford a private attorney.

    Tuolumne County Bail Bonds Solutions for You

    You likely have many questions and concerns and we're here to help you through the process. We offer:

    Free 24-Hour Phone Consultations – you will speak directly with a professional Tuolumne County bail bondsman, likely a Trusted ExpertBail Network member, who can quickly explain how a bail bond works and how this applies to your needs.
    Fast Bail Service throughout Tuolumne County – Bail bonds can be arranged by fax and email or fast phone approvals to help get your loved one out of jail quickly. If meeting in person is more to your comfort, we'll come to you or you can meet us at the office or the jail. Once the process is complete, we post the bond within the hour to obtain the quickest release possible.
    Bail Bond Payment Options – All major credit cards are accepted. You may also choose to pay in cash. If financing a bail bond is necessary and you qualify, we're here for you with no financing charges. Often, collateral is not required.
    Need More Information on Tuolumne County Bail Bonds – Please see our Frequently Asked Questions or call us now toll-free 888-224-5266.

    Tuolumne County Law Enforcement, Jail and Court Information

    Rules and procedures of the criminal justice system, including arrest and incarceration, are explained on the Tuolumne County Superior Court’s website.  You can check the status of all inmates held in Tuolumne County with the Online Case Lookup tool. You can look up the booking number and current status for any inmate. You may need this information when you contact a bail bondsman.

    Case Lookup - Online Tuolumne Criminal Court System

    Call 888 Bail Bond at 888-BAIL BOND for immediate bondsman assistance.

    Tuolumne County Sheriff's Department
    28 North Lower Sunset Drive
    Sonora, CA 95370
    (209) 533-5855

    Sonora Police Department
    100 South Green Street
    Sonora, CA 95370-4643
    (209) 532-8143
    Tuolumne County Jail
    175 Yaney Avenue
    Sonora, CA 95370
    (209) 533-5844
    Tuolumne Superior Court
    Criminal Court
    Departments 3 & 4
    60 North Washington St.
    Sonora, CA  95370
    (209) 533-5563
    Historic Courthouse
    Departments 1, 2 and 5
    41 West Yaney Avenue, Sonora, CA  95370
    Telephone: (209) 533-6971


    Chinese Camp
    Cold Springs
    East Sonora
    Groveland-Big Oak Flat
    Long Barn
    Mi-Wuk Village
    Mono Vista
    Phoenix Lake-Cedar Ridge
    Sierra Village
    Twain Harte