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    There are currently 145 full-time personnel within the department who are ready to serve and protect the residents of Sutter County. The Sutter County Sheriff’s Department works closely with other nearby law enforcement agencies, such as California Highway Patrol, Yuba City Police, Yuba County Sheriff and Marysville Police.

    The department consists of three separate divisions- Administrative, Operations, and Support Services. The Administrative Services Unit takes charge of the budgetary process for the Sheriff’s Department, including budgeting activities, grant proposals, as well as billing and claims processing.

    The Operations Division includes the Investigations Section, Patrol Section and contract services for Live Oak. The Investigations Section handles the investigation of felony cases as well as follow-up to coroner’s investigations, public administrator cases, and complex misdemeanor cases. The Patrol Section provides law enforcement services to Sutter County and is contracted for services to the City of Live Oak.

    There are 35 deputies, 6 sergeants, 2 lieutenants and a division commander in the Patrol Section. One lieutenant, one sergeant and seven deputies are assigned to patrol Live Oak. Additionally, there are two deputies assigned to the Boat Patrol as well as a sergeant on a half-time basis, and two school resource officers.

    Special units within the department include ATV and Boat Patrols, a Canine Unit, Dive Team, Domestic Violence Unit, Special Enforcement Detail and Swift Water Rescue Team.


    If someone is arrested in Sutter County, they will likely be taken to the Sutter County Jail, located in the same building as the Sheriff’s Office in Yuba City.

    Once there, they will undergo the booking process which could take several hours to complete. This includes fingerprinting, photographs (“mug shots”), a background check and warrant search. If there are no outstanding warrants, a bail amount will be set according to the Sutter County bail schedule.

    When bail is set, the individual is then able to get released from jail once it is paid.

    When you call 888 Bail Bond at 888-224-5266 for Sutter County bail bonds, we will walk you through the process from start to finish.


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    We can approve a bond quickly after asking a few simple questions about the defendant, such as their full name, birth date, address and employment information, a list of charges and bail amount.

    This situation can be made much easier by speaking to a reliable, trusted bondsman for Sutter County. We’ll make sure you understand what to expect along the way.

    For more information about Sutter County Bail Bonds call 888-224-5266 or 888-BAIL-BOND.  A professional bondsman is available to take your call 24/7.

    Sutter County Sheriff’s Office
    1077 Civic Center Drive
    Yuba City, CA 95993
    Bail Bonds in Yuba City

    With a population of more than 94,000 residents, Sutter County Sheriff’s Department is responsible for most of the law enforcement duties required by the county. The majority of the county’s 1,576 square mile span is unincorporated, with Yuba City and Live Oak being the only incorporated cities.

    Live Oak Substation
    9867 O Street
    Live Oak, CA 95953

    Nearly 7,500 residents live in the City of Live Oak and their law enforcement services are contracted with the Sutter County Sheriff. Sheriff’s Deputies for the area operate out of the substation.