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    Solano County is home to beautiful countrysides, waterfronts and fertile farmlands. It is located between San Francisco and Sacramento. Solano County gets its name from that of the Franciscan missionary, Father Francisco Solano.

    On this page, you will find information for the Solano County Sheriff's Department and Solano County jail. For further convenience, we can provide additional information on a defendant's charges, booking and jail location.

    Please contact us any time at 888-224-5266 and speak with a licensed bondsman for Solano.


    The Solano County Sheriff's Office is dedicated to the safety and well being of all people in Solano County. They provide effective law enforcement, safe, humane, secure jails, and security for the Courts. They are also committed to providing professional services and values to ensure the quality of life set forth in our Constitution.

    The Solano County Sheriff's Office goals are to provide safe, humane, and secure jails, and to provide progressive public safety services while enhancing quality of life in Solano County.  Solano County is situated half way between San Francisco and Sacramento and close to the San Francisco Bay area. It has a mild climate, and is close to lakes, rivers and mountains.

    When someone is arrested in Solano County, they will be transported to the Solano County Justice Center Detention Facility for booking and processing.  This is the the main County jail.

    The booking process takes place when someone is arrested. This includes photographs, fingerprints, and background checks. It can generally take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours or more depending on the individual situation of the defendant and the workload of the jail staff at the facility. It’s important to know that we cannot post a bond until the defendant is completely booked into the system. If you are planning to visit an inmate in Solano County, it is best to review all visiting procedures and times prior to your visit.


    During our initial phone consultation with you, we will ask about the defendant’s situation such as, the amount of their bail, how long they have been detained, what their charges are, how long they’ve lived in their current residence, if they’re employed, their credit history, etc. This helps us determine how we can best help with your bail bond needs.

    We will also take the time to explain the bail bond process, responsibilities and expectations to you. Once the bond has been approved, the forms will need to be signed. Both the bail application and contract are two very simple and easy to read and understand documents.

    It’s important to know that if the defendant is not bailed out of the Solano County jail, he or she will usually remain in custody until their case has been resolved in court.

    The cost of a Solano County bail bonds is established by the State of California at 10% of the total bail amount. For example, for a bail amount of $20,000, a bail bond will cost $2,000. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Payment options may be available to you, if needed.

    Please call us to discuss your options anytime day or night at 888-BAIL BOND for immediate Solano Sherriff's Department bail bonds assistance.

    Bail in Solano County may be posted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We  can transact all bail bond paperwork simply by using e-mail, fax or telephone. This is the fastest way to execute the bond and obtain release from jail.

    For an added convenience, we can have a bondsman on their way to the Solano County jail to post the bond during the time it takes to fill out the paperwork. And, we can always meet with you at your home, the jail or office.

    Solano County Sheriff's Department
    530 Union Avenue, Suite 100
    Fairfield CA 94533