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    Our bail bondsmen will always take the time to listen carefully to your situation and immediately assess your needs. Alviso bail bonds for the San Jose jail can quickly and conveniently be handled from the convenience of your home or office.

    All you need is a computer, FAX machine or phone. Our agents can also come directly to your home or business location. Relax and leave the work up to us.

    For further information call us toll-free nationwide at 888-224-5266 - 888 BAIL BOND.


    The SJPD Central Division encompasses more than 412 miles and is divided into four districts: King, Edward, Robert, and Victor. At the heart of Central Division is the Downtown area which is host to the McEnery Convention Center, The Center for Performing Arts, the Tech Museum of Innovation, and San Jose State University.

    When someone is arrested in the San Jose Central Division area including Alviso, they will likely be taken for processing and booking to the San Jose jail. This is the main jail complex in Santa Clara County. Read more about the arrest process.

    The booking process in San Jose generally consists of background checks, photographs and fingerprints. The total “booking-in process” can take from 2 to 4 hours or more depending on how busy the jail staff is. Bail bonds fro the San Jose jail may be posted 24 hours a day.


    During our initial phone consultation, we will collect basic information about the arrestee’s circumstances. For example: how long they’ve lived in their current residence, if they’re employed, etc.

    Once that’s complete, many of our customers prefer to use our bail bond by fax or e-mail option which permits quickly handle the bail process. Timing from first phone call to the completion of the simple paperwork can be accomplished in 15 to 30 minutes for most bonds.

    Find out more information about how bail bonds work by calling a bondsman for San Jose at 408-928-2245.

    The cost of a bail bond is established by the State of California at 10%. For example, for a bail amount of $25,000, a bail bond will cost $2,500. We always accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Most clients find using a credit card the easiest way to pay for a bail bond.

    We also offer many payment options and our bail agents can help you arrange an affordable bail bond that meets all the requirements of California law. Please telephone us and we can discuss your options.

    SJPD Central Division
    (Alviso) Community Policing Center
    1060 Taylor Street
    Alviso, CA 95002
    (408) 934-1520