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Santa Maria Jail
812-A West Foster Rd.
Santa Maria, ca 93454
Phone: 934-6159
Fax: 934-6325

The Santa Maria Jail facility is classified as a Type-II facility. Inmates are held at this facility for a time period of up to 96 hours. Those who are not eligible for release within this time period, are transferred to the Main Jail facility. The Santa Maria Jail facility is staffed by one Custody Deputy Lieutenant, two Custody Deputy Sergeants, eleven Custody Deputies and two support staff. This facility generally accounts for 32% of the county's total bookings.

Within the Santa Barbara County Jail system, it is usually the custody deputies who maintain custody and supervise both the work and conduct of inmates. Custody.  The Special Operations Response Team, or S.O.R.T. is an elite team of Custody Deputies who are highly trained in special tactics, cell extractions and critical incident management. S.O.R.T. is activated by the Jail Commander for emergencies such as riots, natural disasters, escaped prisoners and jail disturbances. The Team is also used for field booking, searches of jail visitors and vehicles, searches of jail cells and inmates. Selected Team members are instructors in hand-to-hand combat training and the use of impact weapons.


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