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    If someone you know has been arrested by the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department and requires bail bonds assistance, we can help. Speak with a bondsman 24/7 toll free at 888-224-5266.

    The San Francisco Sheriff's Department has a long, distinguished history. The diverse staff includes approximately 850 sworn officers and 100 civilian staff members. The members of the department perform a wide variety of services and functions.

    The San Francisco Sheriff's Department has developed some of the most successful crime prevention programs. They also consult with crime victims in order to better improve these programs. They recognize that convicted criminals are released into society everyday and that it's their responsibility to try and address the underlying issues that cause criminal behavior while they are in custody.

    San Francisco Sheriff's Deputies are continuously training. New hires undergo a seven-week orientation course, a six-week Jail Officer Training program, and within the first year of employment, attend a California State Certified police academy for 20 weeks. When they graduate, deputies will be fully accredited peace officers. Any officer wishing to be a member of the field support unit must complete a 12-week training program.


    The San Francisco Sheriff's Department has had a few notable inmates imprisoned in their facilities. This includes the Night Stalker aka Richard Ramirez; Black Bart who was one of California's earliest and most notorious criminals, a stage coach robber from 1875-1883; Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle, an early silent film star accused of murder in 1921; and Billy Holiday who was found not guilty for possession of opium in 1949.


    Custody Division
    The Department's Custody Division is responsible for jail facility operations, station transfers of arrestees from the police station to the intake jail, and transporting inmates between the facilities and the courts.
    The Emergency Service Unit responds to serious incidents in San Francisco and provides aid to the police department during demonstrations, mass arrests and special events. This unit is made up of specially trained deputies.

    Special Response Team
    The Department's Special Response Team is the tactical unit, trained in special weapons and tactics.
    The K9 Unit aids the department in reducing the amount of illegal substances entering jails by routinely searching the facilities for drugs and contraband.

    Investigative Services
    Investigative Services is responsible for investigating any crimes that occur in the jails as well as any allegations of employee misconduct. Annually, the unit performs around 300 criminal and administrative investigations.

    City Hall Security
    Deputies assigned to City Hall Security oversee the safety and security of City Hall, its employees and visitors. They provide emergency response and secure all public entrances to the building.


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    San Francisco Sheriff's Office
    City Hall, Room 456
    1 Carlton Godlett Place
    San Francisco, CA 94102
    Phone: 415-554-7225

    The department is responsible for overseeing the six county jails and has its own Warrant Service Unit that seeks out and arrests hundreds of individuals who have violated local judges' orders each year.

    Sheriff's deputies travel to various Bay Area jurisdictions to bring back fugitives who have fled San Francisco's local prosecution. They also provide security to the civil and criminal courts as well as city hall.