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    If your friend or family member is arrested in Sacramento, please let 888 Bail Bond assist you in arranging bail for them. We are one of the most respected bail bond companies in California and we post bonds throughout the entire state.

    We also have bondsmen who specialize in bail bonds for Sacramento County. To post a bail bond with us, all you have to do is call us toll free, at the number below.

    Then one of our experienced bondsmen will ask for your relevant information, which you can give to them over the phone, by fax or email. We’ll approve your bond within minutes and we can secure our cost-of-service-fee, which is a 10% payment of the entire bail amount, with your credit card.

    We also work out payment plans. Finally, we’ll see to it that the person you care about most is released a short while later.

    Call 888 Bail Bond toll free at 888-224-5266, (888) BAIL BOND.  Or, locally at 916-489-2245 for help with the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department and Jails.


    The Metropolitan Division is a part of the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department. It specializes in dealing with illegal drug organizations, and the personnel that run this division rely on several units within it to help them make arrests. One of these is the Air Operations Bureau. Other units include the Critical Incident Negotiation Team and the Sheriff’s Bomb Squad. The Gang Suppression Unit gathers and maintains information about gangs. Then there’s the Major Narcotics Investigations Unit. The Metropolitan Division also has a SWAT Team.

    The Metropolitan Sheriff’s Division is a special force within the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department that has many responsibilities, but they are mainly tasked to “identify and disrupt major illegal drug organizations.” They are able to do so thanks to a myriad of specialty units that are at their command.

    One of these is Gang Suppression Unit, which gathers and maintains gang related intelligence and then uses this information in the courts to bring these criminals to justice. Another unit is the Air Operations Bureau. It is responsible for providing aerial support to all officers and divisions of the Sheriff’s Department. It is made up of several helicopters. These helicopters help speed up response time and reduce man hours since they can cover a large amount of territory, quickly.

    The Critical Incident Negotiation Team is a negotiation team that deals with suicidal people, barricaded criminal suspects and hostage situations. C.I.N.T. officers use their skills to bring these difficult negotiations to a non-violent conclusion.

    The Metropolitan Division also has a Bomb Squad, which disposes of explosives, and a Special Enforcement Detail, which is their SWAT Team. SWAT officers respond to hostage situations and armed barricaded subjects. They participate in high risk warrant services, VIP protection for elected officials, and security for high profile events. This team undergoes high risk tactical training for twenty hours per month.

    The officers of the Metropolitan Division transport anyone they take into custody to the Sacramento Main Jail, which is also run by the Sheriff’s Department.

    Call 888 Bail Bond locally at 916-489-2245 or toll free at 888-224-5266 to speak with a licensed bondsman.


    At 888 Bail Bond, our goal is to get arrestees out of any jail on bail so they can return home to their daily routine until their trial. Bail bond companies like ours can help facilitate a release when the arrestee’s friends and/or family make a 10% down payment, called a premium, for the cost of the bail. By paying a 10% cost-of-service premium to us, you won’t have to come up with the entire bail amount, which can be pretty steep.

    So how do you choose the right bail bonding company? At 888 Bail Bond, we are familiar with Sacramento County Sheriff’s Stations and Jails.

    We we can post a bond quickly for the fastest possible release from jail. Our paperwork is simple to fill out and we can send it to you by fax or email. Or, if you prefer, we can deliver it in person.

    Our number one goal is to make you feel comfortable during a difficult time. We are open 24/7 to speak to you about bail, either locally in Sacramento, or throughout all of California.

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