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    If someone you know has been arrested in Sacramento County, chances are good they will be transported to the Sacramento Main Jail.

    But a growing number of arrestees are now being sent straight to the Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center (RCCC) as well, to lower the number of inmates at the overcrowded Main Jail. If this is the case, we can find that person for you, quickly, and then bail them out.

    Our company, 888 Bail Bond, has been posting bonds for forty years. We know Sacramento County well and we also have the ability to post a bail bond anywhere else in California.

    If you’d like to speak to a licensed bondsman immediately, we are open 24 hours a day. You may call us locally for bail bonds at Rio Cosumnes Jail at 916-489-2245 or toll free at 888-224-5266 for bail bond help.


    The Rio Consumnes Correctional Center (RCCC) is a Type II penitentiary. It is run by the Sacramento County Sheriff’s department and staffed by around 200 sworn and civilian personnel. Bail may be posted there 24/7.

    This facility houses sentenced inmates from all over Sacramento County. At first, it was mainly used for those who had already been sentenced by the courts and were serving time, but recent overcrowding at other jails, most notably the Sacramento Main Jail, has caused an increasing number of presentenced detainees to be sent here.

    The RCCC also contains inmates who are in the process of being transported to other jurisdictions, federal prisoners under a contract with the U.S. Bureau of Prisons, and even non US prisoners traded in from other counties. It also houses parole violators until they can attend their revocation hearings.

    The Rio Consumnes Correctional Center also participates in a self sufficient work program known as the Sacramento County Sheriff's Jail Industries Program. This program was started in the 1990s with the intent of training inmates in employable skills. It is literally hands-on, in that prisoners also provide contracted manpower to produce goods for government agencies and non-profit groups. Once these inmates complete their training, they are officially certified to their level of competency which will come in handy for placement in the outside world.


    888 Bail Bondmen always try to help everyone with a payment plan that is affordable, if necessary. In a great deal of our cases, collateral isn’t necessary. If somebody you know and care about was arrested and taken to the RCCC, we will take the time to explain the bail process thoroughly.

    You are welcome to call 888 Bail Bond, 24/7, to learn more about it and other bail bond topics or get inmate information. We can also speak with you about bailing someone out of any California jail.

    Call us at 888-BAIL-BOND or 916-489-2245 for more information.

    Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center
    12500 Bruceville Road
    Elk Grove, CA 95757