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    We understand the urgency everyone feels if a friend, family member or loved one has been arrested and jailed by the Pinole Police Department.

    You want to get them out of jail quickly, but you may not know who to trust, or where to get straight answers about bail bonds. That's where we come in.

    Our family owned bail bonds company has been working in the bail industry since the 70's and has the expert knowledge and know-how to guide you through the bail process with ease and professionalism.

    For added convenience, the paperwork can easily be taken care of simply by using your fax or email.

    Alternatively, one of our licensed, professional bondsmen can meet with you directly at the jail. You let us know what's more convenient.  We'll work for the fastest release possible so they can be home just as quickly as possible.

    Call us for immediate Pinole bail bonds information and help at 888-224-5266.


    The Pinole Police Department was created to provide services directed toward the enhancement and maintenance of Public Safety in the community.

    When someone is arrested in Pinole, they will be transported to the Martinez Jail, for booking and processing. This the main jail in Contra Costa.  Once there, the defendant’s booking process may take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours or more, depending on the size and workload of the jail.

    The booking process generally consists of background checks, photographs (mug shots) and fingerprints. Depending on how busy the jail staff is, this process may take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours or more.

    We realize it’s tough to be patient during times like these, however, once the defendant is clear a bail bond may be processed for their release. We can post a bond at this jail 24 hours a day.

    When you bail someone out of the Martinez jail, they should expect to be released within two to six hours or more, depending upon their individual case.

    Our professional, knowledgeable bail agents can help you understand how the bail bond process works and answer any questions you may have.

    For additional information, you can call to speak with a professional bail bondsman for Pinole 24 hours a day at 510-864-2245 or toll free at 888-224-5266.

    Bail bonds in Contra County as well as in all of California typically will require payment prior to the release of the defendant.

    The bail bond fee is typically 10% of the total bail amount. To use an example, if the bail is set at $20,000, the non-refundable bail fee will be $2,000. For most of our clients, a credit card is most often the fastest and easiest way of paying for a bail bond.

    Our company offers flexible payment bail financing options to make the purchase of a bond an easier one. We can let you know if you qualify for financing within minutes.

    We will work out payment arrangements with no additional fees, taxes or finance charges.

    Pinole Police Department
    880 Tennent Ave.
    Pinole, CA 94564
    Emergency: Call 911
    Non-Emergency: (510) 724-8950
    Fax: (510) 724-9061

    Contact us any time 24/7 for a no-cost phone consultation with a professional bondsman for Pinole.

    Call us locally at 510-864-2245 or toll free at 888-224-5266.