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    Additionally, many clients choose the convenience of using their credit card as they have found it the fastest way of obtaining a bail bond. Let us know what is best for you. We're in your corner.

    For 24 hour bail assistance for the Marin Sheriff Department jails, call us 24 hours locally at 415-831-2245 or toll-free at 888-224-5266.


    It’s helpful to know that when a person has been arrested in Marin, they will most likely be transported to the Marin County Jail for processing, which also known as “booking.”

    When their fingerprints, photographs and background checks have been completed, arrestees will be ready to be bailed out, which will typically be within 2 to 6 hours.Our professional recommendation is to always bail the defendant out as quickly as possible for a much faster release.

    An arrestee may be released from jail on bail bond or held until arraignment if their bail is not posted. Their arraignment will usually be conducted within two business days.

    In California, there are various release options from jail. An example of these options include: Release with bail bonds, release on their own recognizance ("O.R."), citation release ("cite out"), property bonds and cash bonds.

    We offer immediate answers to your bail bonds questions in Marin County. If you have any questions about someone who has been arrested and taken into custody in Marin, call a professional bail bondsman 24 hours a day locally at 415-831-2245 or toll-free 888-224-5266.


    Marin County is located North of the Golden Gate bridge in the San Francisco Bay Area. A large portion of Marin County is unincorporated and as such, both crime prevention and law enforcement is the responsibility of the Marin County Sheriff's Office.

    The Marin County Sheriff's Office is divided into three major bureaus which are, administrative and support services, detention services, and field services. In addition, they operate a countywide major crime task force. The Marin County Sheriff's Office is committed to quality service through their Community Policing Programs.

    The responsibilities of the Sheriff's Office Bureaus include maintaining the county jail, providing security to the Superior Court, operating a countywide communications division, operating a documentary services division, which consists of records, warrants, civil units, etc.

    The Administration and Support Services Bureau oversees many of the department's divisions and civilian staff. Units of this Bureau include the Communications Division, which is  dispatch and a 9-1-1 call center.  Also included is the Office of Emergency Services, which coordinates county wide emergency and disaster responses.

    The Marin Major Crimes Task Force was formed in 1977.  It is a cooperative effort which links ten out of eleven of Marin's cities and the county providing a central investigative unit. The unit is capable of crossing jurisdictional boundaries for the purposes of assisting in the detection, apprehension and prosecution of highly mobile criminal activity throughout Marin County.


    Marin County Sheriff’s Office
    3501 Civic Center Drive #145
    San Rafael, CA 94903

    Marin County Jail
    Inmate Information: 415-499-7316