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    Perhaps you know someone who has been arrested and jailed in Marin County. We understand how the jail process works in Marin and have several years of experience in the Northern California area.

    More importantly, we are a family that understands how frustrating and confusing a situation like this can be. Our company is available to assist you any time during the night when it comes to bail at the Marin County jail.

    If you need a bail bond for Marin County jail, we’re glad you found us. Our family company has years of experience in the bail bond industry and is familiar with both Marin and all Northern California jails.

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    The Marin County Jail is the main detention facility for the county. Other Marin police departments utilize this jail for all arrests. The responsibilities of the Marin County Sheriff's Office Bureaus include: maintaining the Marin County Jail, providing security to the Superior Court, operating a countywide communications division, operating a documentary service division which consists of records, warrants, and civil units, etc.

    The Detention Services Bureau of the Marin County Sheriff's Office includes one of the largest divisions in the department. The Custody Division maintains and staffs the County Jail and also contains the Court Services Division. It is responsible for providing Bailiff and security services for the Marin County Courts. It has the Transportation Unit, which coordinates transportation of inmates to and from the Marin County Jail.

    The Marin County Jail is a function of the Sheriff's Office Detention Services Bureau. It is located on the Civic Center grounds in San Rafael. In 2006, the Jail booked 8,589 defendants, and has provided housing and care for an average daily population of 318 inmates. Additionally, the Jail in conjunction with the Probation Department has over 200 sentenced individuals on county parole or work release programs.

    The Jail houses all individuals (both men and women) who have been booked for a violation of law or sentenced by the Marin County Courts to serve a jail term (usually one year or less).  However no one under the age of 18 is housed in the Jail, except in certain cases. Those individuals that are transferred to another jail or prison may temporarily be held in the County Jail. State law and the state Corrections Standards Authority (CSA) set the standards by which a jail is operated.

    If you are planning on visiting an inmate at at the Marin County jail, it is best to find out their visiting rules, regulations and times prior to your visit. You many also find out how to send money to an inmate, items allowed, mail procedures and other details regarding those in jail by reading their custody FAQ's.

    Marin County Jail
    13 Peter Behr Drive
    San Rafael, CA 94903
    Inmate Information: 415-499-7316

    Marin County Sheriff’s Office

    Marin County is located  in the San Francisco Bay Area, directly North of the Golden Gate bridge. Known as the gateway to the North Bay, much of Marin's 521 square miles is unincorporated. Therefore, crime prevention and law enforcement is the responsibility of the Marin County Sheriff's Office.

    If you have questions regarding booking, charges or jail location, call our knowledgeable bondsmen at 415-831-2245 or toll-free at 888-224-5266.