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    If you've found us today in need of a bail bond in Lompoc, were here to help. We have been handling bail in the Santa Barbara County area for several years and pride ourselves in our expertise, honesty and confidentiality.

    When you call, a licensed bail bondsman will listen carefully to your situation and work with you to expedite your friend or family member's release.

    We can quickly get the necessary documents to you as we offer bail by e-mail or fax within minutes.  Most of our clients like the fact they can post a bail bond by fax or e-mail from the comfort of their own home. And, if you’d like, one of our licensed bail agents can meet with you directly at the jail. We offer flexibility.

    Call us locally at 805-582-0955 or toll-free 888 BAIL BOND and let us help you with Lompoc bail bonds.


    The Lompoc Valley Substation serves the unincorporated areas of the Lompoc Valley including Vandenberg Village and Mission Hills.  If your loved one or friend has been arrested in Lompoc, they will usually be transported to the Santa Barbara main jail for booking.

    The booking process can consist of  fingerprinting, photographs, background/warrant checks and entering their information into the jails computer system. When complete, they will be ready for bail.  It's important to know that depending on the workload and staff at the jail, the booking process can take anywhere from 2 to 6 hours, sometimes longer.


    When you call, detailed information regarding the defendant can be helpful to have when initiating the bail process. Information such as where the arrestee is being detained, their bail amount and charges will assist in us in moving forward.

    However, if you don't know the information, that's okay too, we can still move forward quickly and efficiently. We always offer our clients a simple application to read and understand which can be processed by email or fax in just a few minutes.

    A bail bond in Lompoc will cost 10% of the total bail amount. This percentage is the mandated law. For example, should the bail amount be $20,000, your portion will cost $2,000 which is a non-refundable fee.

    We accept all major credit cards and most clients find using a credit card the easiest way to pay for a bail bond. You may also choose to pay in cash.

    We understand paying for a bail bond can be difficult for some. However, most of our customers find it easy to qualify for a signature bond. We also offer several convenient bail payment options to those who qualify. We'll let you know within minutes.

    We thank you for visiting our website. Our licensed, courteous bail agents can provide the important details of getting a bail bond in Lompoc and your paperwork always will be handled confidentially.

    To post bail immediately, call us toll-free at 888-224-5266.

    Lompoc Sheriff Station
    3500 Burton Mesa Rd.
    Lompoc, CA. 93436
    (805) 737-7737
    Non-emergency (805) 683-2724