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    ]The Custody Services Bureau is comprised of 131 full-time employees, including 116 Correctional Officers. Their primary function is to care for both sentenced and pre-trial inmates at the facility. The facility is approximately 155,000 square feet stretched over six floors. It is rated to house up to 411 inmates at any time.

    Whenever someone is arrested in Humboldt County, they will likely be transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility for booking. The booking process will consist of a medical questionnaire, a search for any weapons or contraband, photographs and fingerprinting, a background check and warrant search. The person's information will be entered into the computer system.

    Anyone who is intoxicated will be taken to a detoxification cell. Others may sit in the waiting area until booking is complete. In the waiting area, detainees may use the phone to place any necessary calls, use the restroom, have a drink or watch television. If they are going to be housed in the facility, they will be given the opportunity to shower and will change into a set of jail-issued clothing. Afterwards, they will be given bedding and a wristband will be placed on their wrist and then be taken to the intake housing unit.

    Inmate Visitation

    Inmates at the Correctional Facility are permitted two, 30-minute visits each week, with only one session allowed each day. Visitation is on a first-come, first-serve basis and begins every hour and half hour. The exact time for an inmate's visits will depend on their housing location.

    In order to visit, you will need to fill out a Visitor Request Form, available in the front lobby, during visiting hours. The form must be handed to the receptionist no more than 15 minutes before the visiting session. You must also have a valid photo ID card.

    Anyone under 18 who wishes to visit an inmate must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, or is legally emancipated. No cameras or recording devices are allowed in during the visit. There is no eating, drinking or smoking in the visitation area. Visitors may not wear provocative clothing. There can be no hand signaling or note-writing. Anyone who is intoxicated or disruptive will be removed.

    Work Progams

    Inmates may work in the jail's kitchen or laundry facility. The kitchen serves nearly 1120 meals a day. Inmates work under the supervision of a Correctional Cook and work in three shifts.

    Inmates who work in the laundry facility are responsible for sorting, washing, drying and folding all issued inmate clothing and bedding. The facility is staffed 24-hours a day with a crew of 3 to 4 inmates.
    Inmates may also be assigned janitorial duties to help maintain facility cleanliness. Janitors work in three shifts, 24-hours a day. To take part in this program, inmates must first take a class to learn the basics of stripping and waxing floors and the proper way to use equipment.

    The Cal-Trans program uses inmates to work on projects outside of the facility under the supervision of a correctional officer. These projects typically consist of roadside projects and clean-ups along county highways. California's Department of Transportation funds the program and provides the tools and a van for taking inmates to and from the work site. Inmates will be screened before being allowed to take part in this program.

    Inmate Mail and Telephone Use

    Inmates are given access to telephones in their housing unit from 7:30 am to 11:00 pm. Phone calls will be made collect, except for during booking when they are allowed to make free local calls. Inmates cannot get incoming calls and jail staff will not take messages unless there is an emergency.

    Inmate mail can be sent directly to the jail, just be sure to include the inmate’s full name on the front. Mail must have a valid return address, including the sender’s full name. Newspapers, magazines and soft cover books may be sent directly from the publisher.

    The following items may not be mailed to inmates:

    • packages
    • bscene pictures and writing
    • gang related items
    • escape materials
    • Polaroid photos
    • cash or checks
    • stickers or stamps


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