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    Fairfield's strategic location, midway between San Francisco and Sacramento, makes it the perfect place to visit and live. If you found us today in search of information about bail bonds in Fairfield, but are not sure exactly where to begin, you've landed in the right place.

    We understand it can be frustrating and a bit confusing understanding the bail process.  That's what our professional, licensed bondsmen will help to explain.

    We'll work quickly to get the defendant's information, then we'll work to have your friend, family member or loved one released from custody as quickly as possible.  We are a family company that understands family situations.  Let us help you.

    For further information, you can call to speak with a professional bail bondsman 24 hours a day who can provide you with arrest and bail information in Fairfield at (888) BAIL BOND or (888) 224-5266


    The Fairfield Police Department is committed to working in partnership with their community. Their mission is to preserve and enhance the quality of life through effective crime prevention, safety education, and innovative law enforcement in Fairfield.

    When someone is taken into custody in Fairfield, they will be transported to the Solano County Jail for booking and processing. This is the the main County jail for Solano located at 500 Union Avenue in Fairfield and is administrated by the Solano County Sheriff's Office. At the time of the defendant’s arrest, booking and processing, the bail amount will be set by a judge according to a Solano County bail schedule.

    The amount of time it takes for the processing of bail bonds at this jail will vary because every facility has their own guidelines and procedures. We recommend starting the bail bond process as soon as possible. Once a person is booked into an Solano County jail facility, it can often take between 2 and 6 hours for them to be released on a bail bond.


    For simplicity, our company can process the bail bond paperwork by using e-mail, fax or telephone.

    For added convenience, we can have a professional bondsman on their way to the jail to post the bond all within the time it takes to fill out the paperwork. Alternatively, we can always meet with you at your home or office. This will assure that the defendant is being released as quickly as possible. What's most convenient for you?

    The cost of a Solano County bail bond is established by the State of California at 10% of the total bail amount. For example, for a bail amount set at $20,000, it will cost $2,000. Bail can be posted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    We always accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Most clients find using a credit card the easiest way to pay for a bail bond. You may also choose to pay in cash. Watch our informative bail payment option video for more information.

    If a loved one has landed in jail, don't hesitate to call us. You will speak directly with a professional bail bondsman who will quickly explain how a bail bond works for the Solano County jail.

    We're here to help you at 888-224-5266 or 888 BAIL BOND.

    Fairfield Police Department
    1000 Webster Street
    Fairfield, CA 94533