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    If someone you care for has been arrested in Calaveras County, you want to speak with a licensed bail bondsman as soon as possible.

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    Our paperwork is easy to complete and can be done by phone, fax, email, or in person. Alternatively, one of our bondsmen will arrange to meet with you at any location you choose, such as your home or office.

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    Calavaras County Bail Information


    Whenever someone is arrested in Calaveras County, they will be transported to the County Jail for booking. The booking process will consist of fingerprinting, photographs, a background check and warrant search. Depending on how busy the jail staff is at the time someone is brought in, it could take several hours for someone to be completely booked into the system.

    Inmates will have access to a phone during booking, which they can use to make free local calls. A bail amount will also be set during this time according to the county bail schedule. Once booking is complete, we will be able to post bail at the jail 24-hours a day.


    In California, the cost of a bail bond is determined by the Department of Insurance. It is equal to 10% of the full bail amount. So, if bail is $15,000 then it will cost $1,500 to have a bondsman post bail.

    We know that bail is an unexpected expense that most people cannot afford. That is why we offer helpful bail bond payment options, such as credit card acceptance and payment plans. In most cases, we don't require collateral to secure a bond.

    It can be very stressful, knowing that your loved one is sitting in jail. There are more important things they need to take care of. Getting someone released as quickly and safely as possible is a top priority for us.



    Calaveras County Sheriff
    891 Mountain Ranch Rd.
    San Andreas, CA 95249
    Phone: 209-754-6500

    Calaveras County is centrally located in California in the area known as Gold Country. It spans across 1,036 square miles and is populated by more than 45,000 residents. The county is well-known for its Jumping Frog Jubilee, made famous by Mark Twain's story "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County."

    The Calaveras County Sheriff's Department works to provide effective and competent law enforcement protection and services to everyone. The office has adopted a Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving program. By forming partnerships within the community and implementing pro-active problem solving strategies, the department can better address crime and other community issues.

    Calaveras County Jail
    Phone: 209-754-6499

    The jail was first constructed in 1963. From that time until 1980, sheriff's deputies would rotate shifts in order to staff the jail. Correctional officers then took over inmate supervision. Over the years, expansions have been added in order to better accommodate the increasing inmate population.


    • Murphys
    • Rail Road Flat
    • Rancho Calaveras
    • San Andreas
    •  Sheep Ranch
    • Vallecito
    • Valley Springs
    • Wallace
    • West Point

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    Calavaras Bail Bonds Solutions for You

    You likely have many questions and concerns and we're here to help you through the process. We offer:

    Free 24-Hour Phone Consultations – you will speak directly with a professional Calavaras County bail bondsman, likely a Trusted ExpertBail Network member, who can quickly explain how a bail bond works and how this applies to your needs.
    Fast Bail Service throughout Calavaras County – Bail bonds can be arranged by fax and email or fast phone approvals to help get your loved one out of jail quickly. If meeting in person is more to your comfort, we'll come to you or you can meet us at the office or the jail. Once the process is complete, we post the bond within the hour to obtain the quickest release possible.
    Bail Bond Payment Options – All major credit cards are accepted. You may also choose to pay in cash. If financing a bail bond is necessary and you qualify, we're here for you with no financing charges. Often, collateral is not required.
    Need More Information? – Please see our Frequently Asked Questions or call us now toll-free 888-224-5266.