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    Our bail bonds company provides bondsmen service to the Berkeley area and throughout California.

    Most of our clients have been arrested for lower level crimes (misdemeanors) such as DUI's, domestic violence, vandalism and drugs. However, we can provide bail for felony charges and bail amounts from $10,000 to in excess of a million dollars.

    Many of our clients in the Berkeley area are students, facility or other support staff for the University of California Berkeley.

    If you should find yourself in the position of needing a Berkeley bail bondsman, keep in mind that that many bail bond transactions can be completed in a matter of minutes via fax or e-mail.

    Or, if you choose, we can have an agent meet you directly at the jail to process a bail bond application and arrange payment.

    In addition to cash payment, bail bond payment options are Visa, MC, AMEX and Discover. If necessary and if you qualify, we may be able to arrange a payment plan for you.

    Call to speak with a bondsman about your Berkeley bail bonds or for additional information at locally at 510-864-2245 or toll-free at 888-224-5266.


    The Berkeley Police Department jail will hold approximately 50 prisoners. Defendants will have limited access to phones for purposes of calling out and they cannot receive incoming phone calls. The Berkeley jail is only a temporary holding facility which will only house arrestees for a few days (at most). Those not bailed out will be transferred to other county facilities such as Oakland jail.

    The Berkeley facility no longer has an O.R. (Own Recognizance) program. An inmate that is requesting O.R. or bail reduction must do so after they have been transported to the Oakland Court facilities. At this time, Berkeley does not maintain a courthouse.

    Those in need of bail assistance are encouraged to call our company 24 hours. We never close. We are happy to provide free bail bonds information. Many of our clients are at one of the lowest points of their lives or at least shocked to find themselves needing a bail bondsman. We understand that this is an extremely stressful time. Our goal is to provide you with options so that you can make an informed decision.

    Bail bonds services are available in the following Berkeley neighborhoods:

    • UC Berkeley arrests
    • Berkeley Marina
    • Claremont
    • Cragmont
    • Downtown Berkeley
    • Elmwood
    • The Gourmet Ghetto
    • La Loma Park
    • Lorin District
    • Northside
    • South Berkeley
    • Southside
    • West Berkeley
    • Westbrae

    In addition to the Berkeley jail, our company has the capability to post bail in most jails in the state of California. We never close our doors. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can even post bond on Christmas day.

    Berkeley Police Department and Jail
    2100 Martin Luther King Jr. Way
    Berkeley, CA 94704
    Phone: 510-981-5900 or 510-981-5766 for bail information.

    Please call us toll-free at 888-BAIL BOND (888-224-5266) or locally at 510-864-2245.