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    If you are looking for information on obtaining a bail bond in Albany, please contact 888 Bail Bond at 888-BAIL-BOND.  888 Bail Bond has been in business for nearly 50 years and is licensed and family-owned.

    Our trusted team of bondsmen know the ins and out of the Albany court, jail, and bond system and are available to answer all of your questions while addressing your concerns.

    Working with a licensed and experienced bondsman is key in the bail bond process. Don’t let bail bond scams get the best of you, call an expert bondsman now.

    888 Bail Bond is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take your call.

    A licensed bondsman will be able to answer your questions immediately for Albany bail bonds when you call 510-864-2245.

    The Albany Police Department is made up of 26 sworn officers, 11 support staff, and 6 crossing guards who are responsible for maintaining the peace of the public, enforcing the law, guarding the community and its property, all while providing police services to the Albany community at large.

    The Albany Police Department has a 24-hour Public Safety Answering Point for 911 emergency, medical, fire, and police dispatch services.  The department serves the community through police patrol, traffic enforcement, support service activities, and through its criminal investigation unit.

    The department also runs the Albany Police Activities League Youth Service programs and oversees the School Guard Crossing Program.

    There are two divisions that make up the Albany Police Department. They are the Patrol Division and the Support Service Division. A Lieutenant, who reports back to the Chief of Police, oversees each division.


    The cost of bail is mandated by the state of California as being 10% of the total amount of the bond. If bond is set at $30,000 the cost of the bond is $3,000. Bail bond costs are mandated by the California Department of Insurance.

    Beware of unreputable companies claiming to charge only 5%. They are either acting illegally or advertising a down payment. To make sure that you are not being taken advantage of, always work with a company with a track record and published bail bond rates.

    The Rynerson family of bondsman has been serving all jails in California for nearly 50 years.

    In terms of payment, 888 Bail Bond knows that situations like this aren’t planned for. That is why we offer tailored bail payment plans and take all major credit cards including Visa, American Express, Master Card, and Discover.

    It is our goal to get your loved one home as quickly and ethically as possible, without breaking your bank account. Call 888 Bail Bond to speak to a bondsman about payment options.


    Albany Police Department
    1000 San Pablo Ave.
    Albany, CA 94706
    Phone: 510-525-7300
    Fax: 510-525-1365
    Bail Bond: 888- 224-5266


    For Albany bail bonds, you can reach 888 Bail Bond locally at 510-864-2245.