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    Being arrested is something that no one wants to experience.  However, unwanted circumstances do sometimes arise leading to arrest.  If you or someone you care for has been arrested and need help, please contact 888 Bail Bond at 888-BAIL BOND.

    There are many reasons why working with a bail bondsman is recommended.

    The first, and probably the most important reason, is to be able to return to daily life and work or school as necessary.  Quick release is also important so that reputable counsel can be sought to defend the case.

    When you call 888-224-5266, a licensed bondsman is always available no matter what time of day, to assist with Lake County Jail bail bonds.

    It's important to know that after being bailed out, processing can take several hours depending on how busy the booking division is.

    All intoxicated individuals whose thinking has been distorted by drugs and/or alcohol will remain in custody and will not be released until they are sober. This can sometimes take up to 12 or more hours.

    Inmates released by the court will be released from jail after all outgoing paperwork has been processed.


    Please include the following information when mailing an inmate:

    • Mailing Address:   4913 Helbush Dr. Lakeport, CA 95453
    • Inmate Name
    • Inmate Number

    If you would like to mail something to an inmate please be sure to follow these guidelines:

    • Polaroid photos, photos larger than 8x10, pornographic material, envelopes stamps, and stickers are not permitted and any mail containing this material will be returned to sender.
    • Books, magazines, and newspapers must be mailed directly from the publisher. Only soft covered books are accepted.
    • All mail must be mailed through the US Postal service.
    • Mail will not be forwarded to inmates releases from the facility.
    • Address labels may not be used on mail being sent to inmates.


    • Inmates have access to phones and are able to call out from the jail collect. Inmates are able to use the phone between the hours of 8:00 AM and 11:30 PM unless they are on lock down.
    • The jail  does not accept or take messages for inmates.
    • If you have questions regarding your phone bill or would like to know how to unblock or block your telephone number, please contact GTL at (877) 856-3184.

    When choosing a bondsman be sure to contract someone who is licensed and who works within and follows all federally mandated guidelines. There are many bail bond schemes and we caution all of our clients to beware of bail fraud.

    888 Bail Bond know the ins and outs of the bail bond and jail system. When you call, a licensed and professional bondsman can answer your questions and help you through the bail bond process all while maintaining your anonymity.

    We have been working in the bail bond industry for nearly 50 years and are the industry leaders in bail bonds.

    To work with a professional and licensed bondsman for the Lake County Jail, please contact 888 Bail Bond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week t be connected to a bondsman who can answer all of your questions and start the bail bond process now: 888-BAIL-BOND.


    Lake County Correctional Facility

    4913 Helbush Dr.
    Lakeport, CA 95453
    Phone: 707-262-4240
    Bail Bondsman: 888-224-5266

    The Lake County Jail is the main jail in the county. It is run by the Lake County Sheriff's Department and receives both male and female arrestees.